Video Intelligence Announces New Contextual Video Solution for CTV

Video intelligence is to enter the CTV market with a new application of its contextual video technology. CTV publishers will be able to package up content based on topics for advertisers.

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The CTV market in Europe, LATAM and APAC is failing to best perform for advertisers or channels and apps, due to minimal targeting capabilities, or standardisation. Yet 50% of the European households have access to CTV [source] and 70% of advertisers claim that CTV will be one of the largest growth areas over the next 12 months [source].

It's in this growing, yet underserved, market that video intelligence aims to aide both publishers and brands with contextual technology. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, video intelligence has been developing contextual video solutions since 2017, with global uptake for their web and mobile contextual video products.

For CTV channels and apps, an integration with vi's technology adds new layers of contextual data to existing content. By using proprietary technology to analyse video and its metadata, vi is able to give a more detailed understanding of what is depicted on screen at any given moment.

vi will sell advertising on behalf of publishers via Private Marketplaces [PMPs] using VAST tags. The new product counts Rakuten Advertising among its launch partners.

The value of publishers' existing programming increases as the contextual understanding enables it to be packaged more attractively into audience segments. For advertisers, it offers the ability to target viewers more accurately: reducing waste and improving relevance and reach.

Leading the venture will be Ernst Dirkzwager, a digital veteran of 15 years. Dirkzwager said, "The CTV sector has come a long way in recent years, but it's still lagging behind when it comes to contextual data. Our solution not only adds value to publishers and advertisers, but makes the overall viewing experience better for those watching."

"Currently there is no global standard with regards to buying and selling advertising space on CTV. There are no cookies in this space and today brands only know which publisher they are buying from, granular and timed context are simply not available. Now is the time to collectively agree that targeting contextually is the smartest solution for all."

To find out more contact Ernst directly : [email protected]


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vi is a contextual video platform. We connect publishers, content creators and brands through video storytelling.

vi brings context to videos using AI and automation to understand them and place them in proximity to other, relevant content.

Context is everything.

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vi is a contextual video platform
We connect publishers, content creators and brands through video storytelling

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