'Visiting Darkness' Offers Shocking Reason for Humanity's Depravity in Author Celeste Prater's New Psychological Crime Thriller

Award-winning author Celeste Prater's fast-paced, potent thriller Visiting Darkness follows a seasoned detective hunting for a dark truth behind a string of senseless murders.

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​​​​With a setting covering Oklahoma City, Georgia, and Florida, Celeste Prater’s new release Visiting Darkness serves up a gripping tale of murder, mayhem, and a slice of paranormal designed to keep a reader thinking long past the last page.

“You’ve seen the headlines...watched a reporter questioning stunned neighbors – maybe even tuned out the incredulous voices. But what if it happened right next door or at your place of work? Would that get your attention? Do you really know those within your bubble of existence?”

Already world-weary and emotionally numb from the death of his partner eight years prior, Senior Detective Maxwell Browning never thought he'd experience the familiar, adrenaline-pumping drive to solve an unfolding mystery ever again. While the town's victim count grows, so does his confusion. Why are average, normal people without a lick of violence in their background killing without rhyme or reason?

What Max finds along the road to discovery defies belief and upends everything he thought he knew about the mind of a killer.

Readers can grab a copy of Visiting Darkness at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

The book is already receiving rave Amazon five-star reviews:

“Love this book. Keeps you guessing. Love the author’s other works as well.” - Judy

“Excellent book! Pulls you in from the beginning and doesn't stop!” – Karen Claridy

For additional information or media inquiries, contact the author at 254-315-1739 or celeste.prater@yahoo.com.

Author of the memoir I’m In Here Somewhere written for Chad Dean from TLC’s My 600 LB Life, award-winning, bestselling series Fueled By Lust, Three Divisions, and A Casual Glance, Celeste has received countless praises for her unique writing style, ability to flesh out memorable characters, and creating mesmerizing worlds for the reader to romp, dream, and get lost within. Action, suspense, mystery, and edge of your seat tension continue to bring on “Top Picks,” “Best Book,” “Book of the Month,” “Best Banter,” and International “Reader’s Choice Favorite” accolades.

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