Walk Through Metal Detectors Prevent Theft and Save Thousands

The deployment of walk through metal detectors in manufacturing, warehousing and recycling operations can pay for themselves in several months.

Many business operations not only fight the battles of their competitors, market pressure, pricing pressure and unknowns. They also fight the battle within, from their own employees.

Inventory or tool theft is easy prey for the employee who has bad intentions.
In recycling centers, it may be a small piece of precious metal slipped into a pocket or purse. Over continued time, this adds up significantly depending upon the operation size.

Logistics companies have suffered a staggering 80 billion dollars in inventory and warehouse loss.  Most of their security systems are set up and maintained to prevent culprits from breaking in during non business hours. They have camera's and other deterrent in the buildings but employees are clever and figure out when and where to commit the theft.

The reality is that alarm systems are designed to protect distribution centers from break and entry, not internal theft. When a facility is in operation, the alarm system is deactivated, thereby negating most of its value in terms of preventing employee dishonesty

As business owners and operators you always want to assume the best. But a good thought is assume the best but prepare for the worst.  In one case when walk through metal detectors were put into use in a wire factory. The managers noticed a 40% decrease in scrap loss of copper wire. The metal detectors were programmed to specifically target a certain size, and type of material and were effective almost immediately.

Tools and tooling can be expensive, when employees start carrying them home in their lunch box, it adds up.  The manager or owner must be serious about stopping theft loss.

A walk through metal detector at the exit door, says just that.  Yes, you must staff the unit and train employees to empty pockets, etc into a tray. Its worth the effort.  Simply as a deterrent will save thousands. A walk through Metal Detector is not the only solution.  An anonymous employee tip line is effective, training and bring the issue to light is helpful because many employees are honest and like their workplace,

But in many cases of warehouse theft, inventory theft, tool theft and scrap loss. A walk through metal detector may be your best bet.


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