Weather Data Provider Refocuses on Climate Change Concerns

F5Weather customizes its services to help companies meet the challenges of global warming

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  • More companies are factoring the climate crisis into their operations.
  • F5Weather meets businesses’ demands for custom weather data.

F5Weather, a national weather forecast data provider, today announced its new focus on providing specialized forecasting for businesses affected by climate change. Changing weather patterns have created a demand for carefully targeted weather information. Ordinary five-day forecasts no longer meet the needs of industries that require specifics.

“From the fires in Australia to flooding in the Midwest to heatwaves in Europe, the effects of global climate change are upon us,” said F5Weather President and CEO Andrew Revering.

As unprecedented weather events escalate, decision-makers are seeking weather information tailored to their businesses. Companies like F5Weather run computer forecast models at resolutions higher than anything else available, focused on specific locations. By working closely with clients, letting them dictate what information is important to them, weather data providers can furnish details not available elsewhere, fine-tuned to meet an organization’s unique needs.

For example, customized models assigned to wildfires can help firefighters identify wind strength and flow, moisture influx and other details on a scale down to specific valleys. This data can be invaluable in determining the best approach to fighting a fire while keeping crew members safe.

“Our job is to put the highest-quality forecast guidance in the hands of decision-makers,” said Revering. “If we can provide it to them in a format that makes sense, then we’ve done our job — so they can do theirs.”

F5Weather creates weather forecast graphics and data from numerical weather prediction. For over 20 years, F5Weather has served the government, universities, the National Weather Service, broadcast meteorologists, students, storm chasers and private industry, among others. F5Weather focuses on providing data that is difficult to obtain, such as world-leading ECMWF and UKMET model data, to critical decision-makers. To learn more, visit or email an inquiry to [email protected].

Contact: Andrew Revering, F5Weather 
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