WebTeam Corporation And Rangam Consultants Inc. And Shanesh COLORS Program For Autism Received Commendations

Somerset, New Jersey based Technology Company WebTeam Corporation and Rangam Consultants, Inc, received commendations and proclamations from the Governor Chris Christie and the Mayor of Franklin Township Mr. Levine to serve Autism Community.

WebTeam Corporation is highly recognized and admired for developing Technology based Software Program for individuals with Autism such as: Shanesh COLORS, iLearnNEarn Apps made for I-phone, I-pad,Android, etc These initiatives helps special needs students learning cognitive and social skills not only in the USA but all over the world.

"We are honored by the Proclamation and Commendations received on the progress made by us with last 5 years of passionate and relentless efforts to serve the global Autism community. We thank the Mayor Mr. Levine, Councilman Mr. R. Prasad of Franklin Township and the Honorable Governor Mr. Chris Christie of New Jersey for the Commendations to WebTeam Corporation serving the autistic community,"- says Nish Parikh, Founder and CEO of WebTeam Corporation. "We also wish to extend our thanks to all the Schools and individuals who have supported us by using our kiosk based system and mobile Apps, giving satisfactory recommendations, and by encouraging our efforts to serve the community" - says Tim Sharp, the Program Coordinator of WebTeam Corporation.

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After launching multiple Apps in the month of April 2012, just in the very first month we had enormous number of hits for their Apps specifically designed for those with Autism. The new iLearnNEarn series of Apps were created to include topics such as Spelling, Number Recognition, Animals Sounds, Shapes, Color Find, and much more to improve social and leaning skills. These Apps were aimed toward early intervention for those young children who were diagnosed with Autism.

The overwhelming need for this intervention and tremendous interest in these Apps is evident by the fact that just in the month of April these apps enjoyed whooping 20,000 downloads, and 50,000 downloads in this year so far. The users for these Apps are located not only in the US, but also globally in Apple's iTunes and Android Play. Users in many other countries have expressed interest in what WebTeam Corporation has to offer. Most of these Apps are available free on Google Play and iTunes for free trial.

The Company has even started aggressive initiatives to partner with experts who wish to provide their contents and expertise into making of new Apps for kids with special needs. Few of these Apps will also focus in the development of social skills for those on the spectrum having issues with making friends and facial recognition. Another helpful App will support young individuals with daily routines and scheduling. Currently, many experts from US and Canada are involved working with WebTeam Corporation in their joint endeavors.

Under Shanesh COLORS program of WebTeam Corporation - their recent application are also being offered through their patent pending method of delivering intervention using stationary kiosks and is being used by many students at special education schools and pediatricians offices at few locations around New Jersey and New York. Data collected from many different individual users is used for further analysis, research and development. These young users have also shown great progress in their abilities to learn after spending only small amount of time on the kiosk.

Students from the age range 4 to 9 are working on the kiosk every day for 15 minutes with the teacher on various activities in the classroom. These individualized activities are based on the child's needs and likings. The activities played on the kiosk are in sync with their one-to-one activities in the classroom as a supplemental intervention and reinforcement. The experts from education value this synchronized and holistic approach of intervention using touch screen technology. They also value the data collection and reporting features of the kiosk and iPad Apps offered by the COLORS program.

Children find the characters and 3D colorful animation fun and interesting. They have shown positive effect on their attention span after changing of some of the settings in the COLORS software on the kiosk.

The WebTeam Corporation is a spin-off sister Company of Rangam Consultants Inc, a Somerset NJ based temporary Staffing Company serving Fortune 500 Companies nationwide for over 17 years. WebTeam Corporation was bootstrapped from its founding through the development of various products and pilot runs at various Schools and Institutes in New Jersey and New York area. Majority of these pilot programs are self-funded by WebTeam Corporation and Rangam Consultants, Inc.

[b]About The WebTeam Corporation[/b]

The WebTeam Corporation (http://www.WebTeamCorp.com ), founded by a Technocrat in 2006, is a privately held Company based in Somerset, New Jersey. The Company develops educational programs and products using touch screen and mobile technologies. The Company has developed series of colorful characters Shanesh (http://www.Shanesh.com ), Who Want to Make Kids Life - Healthy, Wealthy, Wise and Happy. The Company developed various educational programs like kiosk based Shanesh COLORS Program and iLearnNEarn App based program for individuals with Autism. The Company also has setup COLORSAcademy ( http://www.COLORSAcademy.com ), a colorful academy for supplemental intervention specially designed for individuals with ADHD, Autism and Asperger.

WebTeam Coporation's Shanesh COLORS Program is an innovative way to deliver extended evidence-based therapy like Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This intervention program is specially designed for special needs education and children with learning disabilities or individuals with Autism or Autism spectrum disorder. This well tested iPad and tablet based technology extend the same ABA based therapy from the classroom or therapy centers to the homes for the children with learning disabilities, Autism or any other special needs.

The patent pending Shanesh COLORS program uses touch screen technology and animation to provide individualized intense IEP (Individualized Education Plan) driven intervention utilizing individual's personal interest and preferences. A fully integrated Tracking and Monitoring System delivered on the iPads, Tablets, Mobile devices on the iOS, Microsoft Windows and Android platforms. The individualization, customizable Settings with powerful data tracking and instant reporting are the focal points of Shanesh COLORS Program.

Shanesh COLORS Program introduces a synchronized, holistic, integrated and collaborative intervention approach between Schools, homes and providers for special needs education. WebTeam Corporation have joined hands with Parents, Educators, Therapists, Researchers, Analysts, Technocrats and Service Providers to deliver synchronized and cost-effective intervention based on IEP goals and individual preferences.

The Company's mission is to increase the bandwidth of the educational system and service providers to accommodate the increasing demand of Autism intervention along with helping children with ADHD, Autism and Asperger's to improve their lives by making them independent by using cutting edge technology.


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