Wendy Arnold, MD, to Be Featured in the Top 100 Doctors Magazine

The Top 100 Magazine is pleased to announce it recently featured Wendy Arnold, MD, in the 2018 edition of Top 100 Doctors.

The Top 100 Magazine is pleased to announce it recently featured Wendy Arnold, MD, in the 2018 edition of Top 100 Doctors. Dr. Arnold is a military officer, surgeon, instructor and coach. She is the founder of Wendy's Achieve Vitality Experience" (DR WAVE), which she created to coach executives and upcoming leaders in their own leadership development and robust health to maximize performance at work and enhance their quality of life.  

Dr. Arnold has trained and mentored upcoming leaders both in the military and private sectors. She believes that for leaders to optimize creative solutions and team dynamics, they need to maximize their own health and vitality. Too often the health aspects of leadership are neglected. Dr. Arnold coaches clients through leadership challenges and optimal performance derived from excellent health practices and vitality.

Dr. Arnold has board certifications in both conventional and integrative medicine. Her practice spans the operating room to the acupuncture table. This dichotomous background informs her whole-person approach to health with special emphasis on behavior and wellness. For more information please visit http://www.dr-wave.com. You can get in touch with Dr. Arnold at wendy@dr-wave.com or (858) 255.1812.

Senior editor, Ana Palmiero said, "We are excited to tell the story of Dr. Wendy Arnold not only because of her medical background but also because of her latest venture as a life coach."


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