What Is Cobwebs' Cyber Threat Intelligence and How Can It Help Secure Organizations?

Cobwebs' cyber threat intelligence platform provides actionable, timely, and relevant intelligence to organizations.

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Almost everything in our world has been digitized, especially with the onset and continued spread of Covid-19. The new normal has meant remote work, exponentially more online shopping, socialization from behind our screens, remote medicine, etc. The incredible pace with which our lives and circumstances have changed also brought with it an unexpected and evil side effect - new cyber vulnerabilities quickly turning into an explosion in cyber threats and criminal activity, turning 2020 into a record year in terms of the size and number of cyberattacks. 

Today, cybercrime has become so prevalent, sophisticated, and profitable, and the criminals so mainstream, that identifying them has become all the more difficult. Governments have begun to collaborate more deeply, and even the FBI now has a "most wanted" cybercriminals list.

In this new era, organizational access to cyber threat intelligence is mission-critical. Briefly, threat intelligence is information, rooted in data, that helps an organization to identify, understand, prevent, and mitigate actual and potential threats that have, will, or are currently targeting the organization. It provides context - the who's, what's, and how's of attacks - as well as threat hunting tools to help the organization make informed decisions and take swift action.

"Threat intelligence is evidence-based knowledge, including context, mechanisms, indicators, implications, and action-oriented advice about an existing or emerging menace or hazard to assets. This intelligence can be used to inform decisions regarding the subject's response to that menace or hazard." — Gartner

Cobwebs' cyber threat intelligence platform provides actionable, timely, and relevant intelligence to organizations small and big. It crawls the surface, deep and dark web to protect organizations from potential attacks. By automating the process and leveraging AI, it stays up to speed with the latest, newest, darkest web sources for cybercriminal activity. The platform offers advanced monitoring tools and helps you to get ahead of hackers.

In most cases, what complicates organizational cybersecurity efforts is that the vast majority of these efforts are devoted to a reactive catch-up game as opposed to a proactive intelligence approach. The daily flood of data, the deviousness and persistence of cybercriminals, and shortage of resources and skilled staff all contribute to this problem, snowballing into a huge avalanche. Most organizations find themselves limited in their ability to protect a valuable product and/or information in this tough data security environment.

A cyber threat intelligence platform can help organizations tackle such cybersecurity challenges efficiently and effectively, providing operational intelligence as well as situational intelligence. The best and most actionable intelligence can only be generated by a machine learning-based platform as these platforms automate data collection and processing, continually gather unstructured data from different sources, and are able to connect the dots for you. They continually learn and self-improve at a pace that's humanly not possible.

With the right threat intelligence platform, cybersecurity is no longer the domain of elite experts. Cyber intelligence becomes accessible to the people in charge of making decisions and adds value across the whole organization.

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