WizarPOS Unveils Next-Generation Terminal Management System for the Android Payment Ecosystem

Leading Android POS Provider Introduces Advanced TMS with An App Store for Enhanced Security and Operational Efficiency

WizarPOS Terminal Management System

WizarPOS, a leader in POS solutions, announces advancements to its Terminal Management System (TMS), WizarView. This enhanced platform empowers businesses to streamline operations, fortify security, and gain valuable data insights.

“WizarView empowers success,” states Kaishen Zhu, WizarPOS CEO. “It offers a robust suite of features designed to simplify terminal management, ensure top-tier security, and unlock business intelligence. With TMS, we aim to provide our partners and clients with not just tools, but solutions that ensure ease of operations and peace of mind. This system is the backbone of our promise to deliver secure, efficient, and future-proof payment solutions.”

Enhanced Security & Streamlined Management

WizarView prioritizes security and efficiency. PCI DSS certified, it safeguards data with secure communication, granular user access control, and application security. Administrators remotely monitor terminal health, configure settings, and generate reports through an intuitive dashboard. 

A Trusted App Store for Financial Android POS

Merchants can download and manage apps that extend the functionality of their payment systems through WizarView. The WizarPOS App Store is a dedicated marketplace designed to enhance the capabilities of Android POS systems by providing automatic updates, ensuring that all applications are up to date with the latest security patches and features. 

Actionable Data & Brand Identity

Beyond basic management, WizarView provides valuable data analytics. Businesses can identify trends, optimize operations, and make data-driven decisions for improved efficiency and profitability. Additionally, WizarView allows businesses to customize the user interface to match their brand identity.

WizarView’s advanced features position it as the premier solution for elevating POS operations. Since its inception, WizarPOS has been at the forefront of the POS technology industry, introducing the first Android POS system under PCI PTS in 2015. Today, WizarPOS continues to lead the way, serving over 1500 clients in 100 countries.

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WizarPOS, the trailblazer in Android POS terminal technology, is committed to empowering secure, future-proof, and scalable payment solutions worldwide. Carrying Android DNA, WizarPOS team debuted the world's first wireless POS device in 2005.

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