ZenOK Online Backup Launches 2GB Free Space And System Health Monitor Application 2012

ZenOK Online Backup is the online backup technology leader. ZenOK Online Backup delivers simple, powerful and inexpensive online data backup for consumers, small businesses and enterprises worldwide.

Now days digital world, our entire life - both work and home, are tied to computers. Hard disks are unpredictable and are prone to failures leading to data loss. Research shows that someone loses data every 7 seconds. ZenOK Online Backup, the technology leader in online backup today has allowed users the flexibility and power to create personalized backups with 2GB free space to store any data, any time. Customers can back up important files to the ZenOK global servers.

ZenOK provides continuous real-time data protection, once a customer saves a file (Photos, documents, Videos, Music), ZenOK backs it up automatically and keeps an unlimited history of versions that allows users to roll-back to any previous backup.

Distinguishing features of ZenOK Online Backup include:

• Global Access - Data is backed-up daily to the ZenOK Backup Server Grid, allowing users to access data anywhere in the world using a web.
• Simple File Select - Automatically identifies and backs up files based upon user-defined file type, such as music, movies or photos.
• Unlimited space - You can tell ZenOK what data you'd like to store online and you'll have plenty of space to store what's important to you. If that's not enough space, check out our affordable pricing for additional space.
• $100,000 Data Loss Guarantee

For more information or to download ZenOK Online Backup, please visit http://www.zenok.com.


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