Zeto and Next Gen Neuro Partner for Remote EEG Monitoring

Providing this end-to-end solution will make EEGs accessible to any healthcare facility in the US

Zeto, Inc., a medical technology company, has announced its partnership with Next Gen Neuro, a continuous and routine EEG monitoring company, to provide remote EEG monitoring services.

Next Gen Neuro (NGN) will serve Zeto customers with real-time EEG monitoring within 30 minutes of a request via the Zeto software. Their registered EEG technologists (R.EEG.T) would then remotely view the EEG and patient video and make annotations. More importantly, they will promptly notify care providers of important clinical events.

"We can help improve patient outcomes by reducing delays in EEG care and allowing for patients to receive care in place, when and where they need it. We are eager to embrace new technologies such as Zeto and develop innovative workflows that will allow us to accomplish these goals while providing the highest quality EEG and cEEG services," said Leisha Osburn, CEO of NGN. 

"Our new service will make an end-to-end solution for EEG monitoring accessible to any health care facility in the US, from our easy-to-use device to continuous technologist monitoring to timely physician reading, all via our secure cloud, enabling timely, high-quality care for patients. Zeto continues its progress towards serving the growing unmet need of EEG brain monitoring. We are excited to partner with NGN, which provides cutting-edge remote Neurodiagnostic services without boundaries," said Aswin Gunasekar, CEO of Zeto, Inc.

Zeto also offers remote EEG reading service to its customers and the monitoring service would serve as an ideal complement to customers. Continuous or intermittently monitored EEGs are also eligible for higher reimbursements by payers. 

To learn more on how this new service will work and how it can benefit the patients in hospitals and physician practice settings, read the interview excerpt with Next Gen Neuro Co-founders, CEO Leisha Osburn, and COO Amanda Ritchey.

About Zeto, Inc.

Zeto, Inc. is an award-winning, privately held medical technology company located in Santa Clara, CA, that is focused on transforming the way electroencephalography (EEG) is performed at hospitals and clinics. Zeto's revolutionary FDA-cleared EEG headset and cloud platform bring the traditional EEG procedure to the 21st century. The company plans to leverage its hardware and software technology to improve noninvasive monitoring of the brain's electrical activity and achieve better outcomes for neurological conditions such as epilepsy, sleep disorders, autism, stroke and concussion.

To learn more about Zeto's products including the remote EEG monitoring, please visit: https://zeto-inc.com or email us at [email protected].

About Next Gen Neuro

Next Gen Neuro (NGN) is a veteran and women-owned organization inspired and determined to make a difference in the field of Neurodiagnostics. NGN's goal is to be your partner of choice in providing cutting-edge remote Neurodiagnostic services without boundaries. NGN strives to provide flexible, up-to-date Neurodiagnostic Solutions.

To learn more about Next Gen Neuro services, please visit www.teamngn.com

Source: Zeto, Inc.


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Zeto, Inc., is an award-winning, privately held medical technology company located in Santa Clara, CA focused on transforming the way electroencephalography is done in clinical and research settings.

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