ZibaSec Joins APWG, Leveraging Global NGO's Unique Data Corpora for Research and Development

APWG Welcomes Newest Sponsor and R&D Partner ZibaSec to Its Global Counter-Cybercrime Community


ZibaSec has joined the APWG as a sponsoring member, leveraging the APWG data sets in its development of research and engineering initiatives.

ZibaSec first launched its flagship product PhishTACO January 2020. Co-founders Julie Davila and Daniel Shepherd, software and cybersecurity experts, developed PhishTACO with the goal of making a security awareness training and phishing defense platform that could be leveraged by the world's more secure organizations and everyday individuals.

Since its launch, PhishTACO has been deployed across multiple organizations, including the U.S. Department of Justice, which includes the FBI, ATF, U.S. Marshals and well over 40 other agencies.

"APWG's service to the trade and data provisioning for its member companies' applications and services is always a pleasure to curate - but there is an extra thrill in witnessing the genesis of new ideas and approaches. We look forward to ZibaSec's success utilizing APWG's data in protecting the brands that customers trust," said APWG Secretary General Peter Cassidy.

The partnership with APWG will fuel the mission of ZibaSec to democratize enterprise-grade phishing security software and to make phishing education and prevention accessible to everyone.

The rich intelligence data allows ZibaSec engineers to further polish its proprietary full-stack machine-learning model which allows for enterprises and individuals to check any email for phishing indicators in real time. ZibaSec recently opened up its waiting list to gain access to this tool and announced that it would be 100% free for individuals.

The waitlist for the scanning tool is here: https://previews.zibasec.com/phishtaco-scanner.

APWG's eCrime eXchange provides ZibaSec with a rich source of intelligence on the locations of active phishing campaigns. Each campaign can be analyzed and profiled, offering valuable information about phisher tactics and techniques that can be used to identify other, previously unknown attack sites.

APWG's eCX has been the global non-profit-managed nexus for machine-event data related to cybercrime since 2004, starting out as an FTP service for members organizing against the then-nascent global conflict with cybercriminals. Today, the eCX, in its fifth revision, operates as an API platform providing upwards of one billion-plus data entities per month to APWG members worldwide.

About the APWG

Founded in 2003, the Anti-Phishing Working Group, (APWG) is the global industry, law enforcement, and government coalition focused on unifying the global response to electronic crime. Membership is open to qualified financial institutions, online retailers, ISPs and Telcos, the law enforcement community, solutions providers, multilateral treaty organizations, research centers, trade associations and government agencies. There are more than 1,800 companies, government agencies and NGOs participating in the APWG worldwide. The APWG's www.apwg.org and education.apwg.org websites offer the public, industry and government agencies practical information about phishing and electronically mediated fraud as well as pointers to pragmatic technical solutions that provide immediate protection. The APWG is co-founder and co-manager of the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Messaging Convention, the global online safety public awareness collaborative https://education.apwg.org/safety-messaging-convention and founder/curator of the eCrime Researchers Summit, the world's only peer-reviewed conference dedicated specifically to electronic crime studies https://ecrimeresearch.org/ecrime-symposium. APWG advises hemispheric and global trade groups and multilateral treaty organizations such as the European Commission, the G8 High Technology Crime Subgroup, Council of Europe's Convention on Cybercrime, United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Europol EC3 and the Organization of American States. APWG is a member of the steering group of the Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative at the Commonwealth of Nations. Among APWG's corporate sponsors are: AhnLab, Area 1, AT&T (T), ACRONIS, Afilias, Allure Security, Amazon Web Services (AMZN), AnchorFree, Avast!, AVG Technologies, AWAYR AI, Axur, Baidu Antivirus, Barracuda Networks, BillMeLater, Bkav, Bolster, BrandMail, BrandProtect, Bsecure Technologies, ByteDance, CSC Digital Brand Services, Check Point Software Technologies, CipherTrace, Claro, Cloudmark, Cofense, Comcast, CrowdStrike, CSIRTBANELCO, Cyxtera, Cyber Defender, CYREN, Cyveillance, Cyxtera, DNS Belgium, DigiCert, Domain Tools, Donuts, Duo Security, Easy Solutions, PayPal, eCert, EC Cert, ESET, EST Soft, Facebook (FB), FeelSafe Digital, FEBRABAN, Fortinet, FraudWatch International, F-Secure, GMS, GetResponse, GlobalSign, GoDaddy, Group-iB, Hauri, Hitachi Systems, Ltd., Huawei, Hyas, ICANN, Identity Guard, Illumintel, Infoblox (BLOX), IronPort (Cisco), Ingressum, Intel (INTC), Interac, IT Matrix, iThreat Cyber Group, iZOOlogic, Kaspersky Lab, KnowBe4, LaCaixa, Lenos Software, LINE, LookingGlass, MX Tools, MailChannels, MailJet, MailChimp, MailShell, MailUp, Microsoft (MSFT), MicroWorld, Mimecast, Mirapoint, NHN, MyPW, nProtect Online Security, Netcraft, NetSTAR/ALSI Group, Network Solutions, NeuStar (NSR), Nominet, Nominum, NZRS Limited, OpSec Security, PANDI, Palo Alto Networks, Public Interest Registry, Phishlabs, Planty.net, Prevalent, Prevx, Proofpoint, PSafe, RSA Security (EMC), Rakuten, RedMarlin, RedSift, Return Path, RiskIQ, RuleSpace, Qintel, SalesForce, SecureBrain, Secutec, SegaSec, SendGrid, S21sec, SIDN, SilverPop, SiteLock, SnoopWall, SoftForum, SoftLayer, SoftSecurity, SOPHOS, SunTrust, SurfControl, Symantec, TDS Telecom, TNO, Telefonica (TEF), Thomsen Trampedach, ThreatSTOP, TransCreditBank, Trend Micro (TMIC), Trustwave, UITSEC, Vasco (VDSI), VADE-RETRO, VeriSign (VRSN), Viettel Cyber Security, VILSOL, Webroot, Wombat Security Technologies, Workday, ZIX, ZibaSec, and zvelo.


For media inquiries related to the APWG, please contact:

APWG Secretary General Peter Cassidy ([email protected], +1.617.669.1123)

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Founded in 2003, the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) is an international coalition of counter-cybercrime responders, forensic investigators, law enforcement agencies, technology companies, financial services firms, university researchers, NGOs and multilateral treaty organizations operating as a non-profit organization. Its directors, managers and research fellows advise national and sub-national governments as well as the United Nations (Office on Drugs and Crime) as recognized experts (as defined by the Doha Declaration of 2010 and Salvador Declaration of 2015) as well as multilateral bodies and organizations.

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