Catch the Fever With How to Make a Viral Video by Cyril Peretti (Expert Digital Marketing)

The increase in the number of videos going viral has created a parallel demand for them. Their popularity has made people desire to not only watch them but also share them with others

  Catch the Fever with How to Make a Viral Video

Today, the viral video is perhaps the form of online entertainment with the greatest global reach. The most popular viral videos are viewed by hundreds of millions (sometimes even over a billion) from all over the world.With over 100 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every day, the competition for this new type of fame is fierce, but viral stars can come from any background and can literally be made overnight, so everyone  including you has the potential to become a viral smash hit

1. Don’t be “too good” for marketing

I almost didn’t put together a marketing plan. Because what if I did all this marketing, and then the video still flopped? That would’ve been embarrassing. Then I realized how stupid that was.It’s better to try your damnedest and fail than to hold back and always wonder what if.Give your work a fighting chance. Put together a marketing plan. This article will show you how.

2. Release on Monday or Tuesday

People watch YouTube videos when they’re at work. They read the news at work. Release your video on Monday or Tuesday to give it the whole week to gain momentum. Weekends are speed bumps.I chose Tuesday because people are busy catching up with email on Monday. I got lucky with the timing because there wasn’t any major breaking news that day. Releasing on a slow news day will help you.Mind your holidays, too. Don’t release when people are not at the office.

3. Tell a story

I’m a decent dancer for a year of practice but I’m nothing compared to the pros. There are thousands of dancers way more talented whose videos didn’t go viral.Girl Learns to Dance in a Year went viral because it wasn’t just another dance video with cool moves and cool camera angles. It wasn’t about how good the dancing was. It was about how awkward I was when I started, and how I got better with practice.And it’s not just a story about dancing. It’s about having a dream and not knowing how to get there  but starting anyway.People want stories. That’s what all TV, movies, and books are. Tell a story.

4. Write a viral title

Here’s a quick test. How would you finish this sentence:

“Hey did you see the video of "                ”

Fill in the blank. That’s your title.

Here’s a bad title: My Journey of Dance, a Year of Movement

Better: I Learned to Dance in a Year

Even better: Girl Learns to Dance in a Year

Best: Girl Learns to Dance in a Year (TIME LAPSE)

5. Keep it short:

The length of a video is also a determining factor in making it go viral. Most viral videos are short, ranging from 1 to 3 minutes. Short videos hold attention and viewers are at ease knowing that they won’t be spending too much time to watch what caught their attention in the first instance.

6. Appropriate title and tags:

Give your video a suitable title, tags and description on video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. This helps in promoting your video and delivers relevance to your website.

7. Audience-targeted:

Targeting your video to a niche audience gives it direction. A direction-less video not only reflects the unprofessional attitude of the creator but also fails to influence the audience.

Originality and playing it right are the two factors that sum up a viral video. The key to getting everything right is letting the pros handle it.

The increase in the number of videos going viral has created a parallel demand for them. Their popularity has made people desire to not only watch them but also share them with others. No wonder then that businesses want to take advantage in dispersing their value proposition far and wide via videos – you never know when one goes viral! But going viral is more by science than by chance.

By Cyril Peretti, founder and owner of the company LikeSocialBiz based in Los Angeles and Marseille,France. The company is today counting numerous of famous brands and clients such as Playboy, Ed hardy, Mr.Brainwash, Defends Paris and more. More info at :


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