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PropLogix Establishes Presence with Simple-to-Use Newswire Software

In the early years of PropLogix, the firm primarily offered municipal lien search tools. Today, PropLogix offers an array of services to help title agents and real estate attorneys do their real estate due diligence.

Recently, PropLogix has experienced substantial success with its land surveying business. While the firm doesn’t carry out the surveying itself, it plays a critical, time-saving role for title agents that manage the survey ordering on behalf of their buyers. The PropLogix team specializes in connecting these title agents to land surveyors.

“We like to say that we are Uber for Surveyors.”

Lindsey Gordon,

Marketing Content Strategist & Video Producer, PropLogix

The challenge

Due to the niche nature of the business, there aren’t too many news or media outlets that have established themselves as authorities in the space. That’s the role that PropLogix is looking to fulfill moving forward.

“We think like a media company. We look at the things that are important to our core customers and try to break them down into easily digestible pieces of information. This way, we can quickly provide them with important industry news so that they can get on with their day.”

Lindsey Gordon,

Marketing Content Strategist & Video Producer, PropLogix

The Results

In an effort to increase their online presence and solidify their position in the space, PropLogix used Newswire press release distribution services to share news concerning their brand, as well as major stories within their industry.

Newswire’s services allowed the Proplogix team to target the right audience, and their campaign was able to earn local pickup.

“We’ve used other platforms in the past, but we’ve found them to be quite clunky when trying to put a campaign together. When we made the switch to Newswire, we realized how much smoother, quicker, and easier the software is to use.”

Lindsey Gordon,

Marketing Content Strategist & Video Producer, PropLogix

PropLogix has recently released their State of the Title Industry Report, which can be downloaded here

If you’re looking to make a statement and establish yourself as an industry leader in recent news and trends, try Newswire’s press release distribution services today.