300 Nights and Existentialism: Taking Science Fiction to the Next Level

"Benner called it the Demon's Hole. That was Benner's routine. Corner a Mindbender in the hole, and he had him locked in a cell on the grid for life" -excerpt from the new science fiction novel 300 Nights.

300 Nights takes existentialism and science fiction to the next level. Existentialism is currently at play in the underground and commercial veins of the science fiction literary world. Ideas of self-creation and choosing "my" world end up with characters choosing others like self. This creates an "us and them" realm of social reality in the novel and viewpoints with no exit plan. Characters in such worlds are always searching for a way out, but often are not successful, and ultimately must confront this weakness in their society in pursuit of their goals.

"The idea of us and them, those who choose the collective identity, and those who choose the world outside that realm, may be why I find Plato's Republic, and the idea of tin and gold souls, a slippery slope present in the modern world. This slippery slope is an integral part of the 300 Nights story," said Kriss Perras Running Waters.

300 Nights questions the ideas of existentialism through its cyberpunk and dystopian themes. The novel's society is a pre-determined world, leaving those with more power always deciding the role self plays in it. Those who question the collective identity end up facing an ever-higher ladder of power.

"This has always been the basis of the punk genres, before the movement, co-opted by the corporation, became pop culture. To not only question, but also rebel against, the collective identity," said Perras Running Waters.

About The Author: Kriss Perras Running Waters currently owns the independent story development and film production company Running Waters Productions. She is the previous Publisher and Editor of Malibu Arts Journal and PCH Press (Malibu's daily newspaper) and is a 2002 member of the prestigious American National Honor Society Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges. Her photography was featured in the 2010 Artists Showcase on CMTV Channel 14 Spokane, Washington. 300 Nights marks her first novel in a saga of four books: 300 Nights, Fard Ayn, Exile and Holo. She previously worked for a well-known development firm in Hollywood where she learned the craft of story development, a trade she enjoys and finds highly gratifying.

For more information about 300 NIGHTS, please visit the BOOK'S WEBSITE at NOVEL.300-NIGHTS.COM or contact the publisher at RUNNINGWATERSPRODUCTIONS.COM. The novel is currently available for preview in ePUB. The print edition is scheduled for release October 31, 2010 on a global reach. Review copies available upon request.


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