A Free Essay Writing Course Was Launched by IvyPanda to Boost Student Success

The new course can improve one’s academic writing skills in a couple of hours.

IvyPanda Free Online Course

Striving to make studies easier and more fun for students worldwide, IvyPanda presents a new online academic writing course. Its free, concise, and easy-to-understand materials complement the company’s extensive collection of essay samples and study tools.   

IvyPanda’s mission is to make learning more accessible, efficient, and fun for millions of people around the globe. Backed by decades of experience in student success, the company is ready to share its expertise with anyone looking for help with academic writing. IvyPanda presents a free, self-paced online course to help students write well-structured and readable papers that adhere to scholarly standards. The course can be completed quickly yet covers all the essentials of academic writing: appropriate vocabulary and syntax, structural components of a good paper, and common mistakes to avoid.   

Who Is the Course for?  

IvyPanda’s academic writing course is designed for anyone seeking to enhance their academic writing skills in English. The course is entirely online, with Internet access as the only thing needed to enroll. To start learning, users simply create an account providing their email address or Google account information. The course is free, self-paced, and has no time limits. It allows users to take lessons at their convenience.   

The Course Contents  

The free essay writing course by IvyPanda consists of 12 lessons organized into three sections: basic rules, cautious writing, and academic paper structure. Each section contains essential information on the topic and is followed by a quiz to check the user’s understanding.   

1. Academic writing: definition and rules. This part covers the purpose of academic writing and the fundamental principles that guide it. The section defines the concept of scholarly writing, outlines its aims, and presents its most common rules.   

2. Cautious writing. This section focuses on understanding the assignment and selecting the correct language to convey ideas effectively. It explains how to interpret the teacher’s instructions, why writing formal yet readable texts is essential, and what vocabulary is appropriate for academic writing.   

3. Structure of an Academic Paper. This part demonstrates the basic structure of an essay and describes how its key components should be organized. It covers the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion, providing guidelines on what each part should include.   

About IvyPanda  

IvyPanda is a fully legit student success hub based in the USA and Estonia. The company aims to enhance learning outcomes and opportunities for students worldwide. IvyPanda connects its users to qualified academic tutors, offers a collection of self-study tools, and provides a database of free essay examples on almost any topic. These resources allow students to share their experiences, gain motivation, and receive valuable insights. IvyPanda aims to transform how we view learning — making it smarter, not harder. 

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IvyPanda® is a student success hub based in the USA and Estonia. The company aims to enhance learning potential and enhance students' educational achievements worldwide by linking them with academic professionals and offering effective self-study res

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