A World of Adventure, Mythical Creatures, and Magic Awaits Young Adult Readers in This First Volume in a New Epic Fantasy Trilogy

When a teenager discovers that he is a future Griffin King in a world of his recurring dreams, he must conquer demons of his past in order to save his—and everyone else's—future.

Prince of Dreams

High-schooler Jonathan He'klarr is one of the popular crowd: a quarterback on his school's football team, an all-around nice guy with an amazing girlfriend who he wants to marry one day. With an abusive, alcoholic father and a beloved mother who was murdered, Jonathan has been having dreams that are very...unusual, to say the least. Suddenly, his life is turned upside-down when he is knocked into a coma and sent to the Land of Dreams—the place of his own dreams, filled with nightmarish monsters, fantastic creatures, and conquests of good and evil. Jonathan, by A. Corrin, is the first volume in the Jonathan trilogy, a thrilling and masterfully imaginative epic fantasy series for young adult and new adult readers.

Jonathan is a brave and goodhearted teenager, always looking out for the little guy—but cross him and he has no fear of retaliation. When he sees a young kid in trouble on the ski slopes, he thinks nothing of risking his own life to aid the injured youth. His heroic moves receive accolades from nearly everyone; that is except Garrett, his nemesis at school.

"Garrett was the scum of the earth. Your average high school bullies aren't too hard to figure out—oftentimes they just like exercising power over someone; feeling tough and in control. Not Garrett. He got sadistic pleasure out of every kid he beat up, and his skills of shrewd manipulation would give any certified sociopath a run for their money."

Jonathan's not sure why Garrett has it in for him. But something has changed between the two. When catastrophes and increased violence and crime start happening throughout the world, Garrett seems to somehow have a connection. Things come to a head and Jonathan and Garrett have a violent physical fight, with Garrett having the upper hand. Jonathan wonders if it is his imagination as he fades to black that he sees a cunning mythical creature, a charlatan, before his eyes. When he wakes up, he is living in the world of his sleep imagination: The Land of Dreams. And his real journey begins in this world where he is a Griffin Prince, a protector, on a path to becoming a King, but only if he can survive the Rankers—mythical beasts who have been encouraging evil for a long time, corrupting our real world until they can finally end it all. Will Jonathan be able to save the Land of Dreams and his real world before the Rankers are victorious?

"You will be ready...When your eyes reflect your heart," Peter said. "And, unless I'm mistaken, they have. You've demonstrated the righteous fury of one chosen to rule as griffin-prince; an anger born from witnessing injustice and yearning to punish it."

Worlds collide for older young adult and new adult readers who will love the fast-paced thrills, the chemistry between the characters, and the interplay of our real world and another realm, one filled with mythical beasts and creatures good and evil in Jonathan, Book One of the Jonathan trilogy. Author A. Corrin expertly weaves an adventure that is timeless, bringing together elements of fate, believing in oneself, and self-discovery. Jonathan is a perfect cross-market read for young adults and adult readers alike who are searching for the next enduring epic fantasy classic.


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