Amazon Preview for DTR Inc. CEO Jay Goldberg's Book, Rock Trees: The Beatles Now Available

The look inside feature for Rock Trees; The Beatles - Volume 1: The Paul McCartney Tree is now up and running on Amazon.

Rock Trees: The Beatles connects 1,550 bands to The Beatles using the Six Degrees of Separation Theory first proposed by Frigyes Karinthy. The theory states that everyone in the world can be connected through six levels of connections.

That theory is put to test in a limited way in the book The Beatles: Rock Trees. The first book in planned series looks at the Paul McCartney tree. The connections, however, are restricted to band members, and studio musicians/guest artists who played on sang on albums or singles; and by two connections per artist/band (except for Paul McCartney himself who gets fifty connections). The result is fifty rock trees with 31 bands/artists per tree for a total of 1,550 connections.

One of the biggest challenges in writing the book was the desire to not use a solo artist or band more than once. That was accomplished but because of the limitations, at times individuals were solos artists (e.g. Justin Hayward) and members of bands (The Moody Blues). In addition, some bands/artists who are known primarily regionally (or in one country) show up in the rock trees. As a bonus, towards the back of the book are 600+ song recommendations from the 1,550 band/artists that appear in the book. Some of these recommendations are from the regional bands/artists so the readers can check them out on YouTube and discover new music.

Get a good feel for the book by visiting the book's Amazon page The book has the look inside feature, and at last check, there are three rock trees with associated table (depicting the names of the individuals who connect the bands/artists on the rock tree) available as a preview.

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