Answer to the Fantasy Sports Industry's Biggest Scandal

Recent scandal between Fanduel and Draftkings has hit the daily fantasy sports industry and one startup - Virtual Fantasy League - wants to lead the fantasy sports revolution.

Recent scandal has hit the daily fantasy sports industry and one startup wants to lead the fantasy sports revolution.   As players seek alternatives, Josh Wheeler, President of Virtual Fantasy League is leading the pack.  “People want to play against other people, not sharks, robots, or who knows what”, said Mr. Wheeler.  “Transparency is crucial.  I don’t think it’s that complicated - just level the playing field.  Everyone wants fairness.”  His startup focuses on the passion of the sports fans and not their wallet.  “We’ve built a product that will redefine the industry.”

One of Virtual Fantasy League’s goals is to protect the integrity of the hobby.  Their approach has taken notice and Mr. Wheeler has been invited to join a panel of industry leaders at the Sports Mobile Summit in Los Angeles on Wednesday, December 2.  The Sports Mobile Summit Los Angeles will feature executives from the most influential sports leagues in the world and established thought leaders that are defining the future of mobile technology for the sports industry.

Transparency is crucial. I don't think it's that complicated - just level the playing field. Everyone wants fairness.

Josh Wheeler, President of VFL

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently declared, “There isn’t another industry that is being so fundamentally transformed with data and digital technologies like sports.”

Virtual Fantasy League is behind the VFL App, a daily fantasy sports platform that connects users and industry experts before, during and after sports games for in-depth news, insights, scores, and player updates.  It hopes to emerge as a leader by combining free to play games with abundant content and social interaction.  “It’s for the love of the game.  We want everyone to be able to really enjoy playing fantasy sports”, said Mr. Wheeler.  “We’re bridging the gap between Season Long Fantasy and Daily play and having fun along the way.”

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For more details, visit the Sports Mobile Summit Los Angeles 2015 website at

VFL App is currently in Beta and will be available November 1st.


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