Austin MHC Implements NewOrg Platform for Member Management, Support Group Attendance, and Peer Mentorship Documentation

AMHC supports and advocates for a peer’s right to achieve mental wellness, self-empowerment, and self-sufficiency with the help of NewOrg Data Management System.

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Austin MHC is a non-profit based in Austin, Texas, dedicated to making a difference for people with lived experiences of mental health struggles, substance abuse, and homelessness. Austin MHC’s mission is to act as a resource for information and services regarding physical and mental health issues. Currently serving over 1,200 members each year, Austin MHC provides members with hundreds of support group meetings a year, thousands of meals and snacks for members and for the wider community, and countless other resources. Members also receive life-affirming services such as the peer mentor program, peer crisis recovery programs, peer support groups and bus pass program, to name a few. These services are meant to help members learn to embrace the long and worthwhile journey of recovery, learn to understand and achieve healthy living, become gainfully employed, and give back to their communities. Through programs at Austin MHC, members can conquer their struggles and achieve independence and fulfillment in a healthy and supportive environment.  

As Austin MHC continues to grow and expand their uplifting community services, they realized they needed a robust and affordable data management platform to document their interactions with members and the community, to ensure safe and successful recoveries and to get an accurate understanding of how each of their services are being used.  

By utilizing NewOrg’s configurable, all-encompassing data management system, Austin MHC can effectively manage and maintain up-to-date records of their members, daily attendance, support group attendees, systems advocacy assistance, bus pass services, and more. 

"NewOrg has truly supported our transition in scaling up in regards to our service delivery and effectively communicating with our community members and staff. The Support Team of NewOrg is 100% a group of outstanding individuals. They have and continue to help us understand all of the wonderful options that we have at our fingertips as well as configuring a platform tailored to our needs."

Shannon Carr, Executive Director, Austin MHC -

The NewOrg Team has helped Austin MHC by:

  • Configuring a Member Management System to effectively record member enrollments and exits. 
  • Establishing workflow processes to document daily attendance, support group attendance, and peer mentorship documentation. 
  • Utilizing Email/SMS to stay connected with their members and notify them of any upcoming opportunities at the Center. 
  • Applying unique/granular permission sets based on their existing staff/user roles. 
  • Aiding in documenting Information & Referrals that are provided to their members and the community. 
  • Documenting Bus Passes provided to members in the community. 
  • Deploying a system that will help Austin MHC improve their service delivery and grow.

Source: NewOrg Management System, Inc


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