Author Bryan Alaspa Makes Nookbooks 99 Cents and Free at Smashwords

Chicago author and ebook indie publisher Bryan Alaspa has come back to Barnes & Noble and Smashwords after being away for three months for an Amazon Kindle promotion. To thank fans, he has given them some special deals, to boot.

Author Bryan Alaspa has announced that his horror and thriller novels are now back on Barnes & Nobles website for their Nook ereader and on the ebookstore site Smashwords. Plus. he has made the books available for Nook only 99 cents for all titles and he is giving the books away for free at Smashwords.

Mr. Alaspa has been at the cutting-edge of ebooks and indie publishing for a while now. He has made his mark on the world of fiction, particularly with thrillers and horror novels, thanks to his publishing via the ebook formats currently available for authors. For three months, starting back at the beginning of December, he had removed his novels from the Barnes & Noble Nookbook store and from the online ebookstore Smashwords. He did this as part of an agreement with to partake in a special promotion with the website.

"As a special thank you to all of my fans for their support," said Mr. Alaspa, "when the three months was up I brought the books back at reduced prices and for free. The Nook fans have been great to me, and they deserved something special, as well. So, I was proud to make the books available for 99 cents for the Nook and give them away for a limited time via Smashwords."

Smashwords is an online ebookstore that provides novels in formats that can be used on all tablets, smartphones, computers and ereaders. They also allow for special promotions such as coupons and free giveaways. Mr. Alaspa plans to leave his novels available there for free for a few weeks as a thank you to his non-Kindle readers.

"Now's the chance to read all of my novels for free," he added. "Or for a very low price if you prefer to get your books from Barnes and Nobles' website."

The Nook is Barnes and Nobles ereader and tablet. Mr. Alaspa says he intends to keep the prices low there for a limited time, as well. All of his books there are just 99 cents a piece.


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