Author Gina Grad's New Whimsical Children's Book 'My Extra Mom' Helps Stepmoms and Stepchildren Ease the Transition Into Their Blended Family

Recently released 'My Extra Mom' from Telemachus Press and author Gina Grad is a tool for parents and stepparents to show their children the benefits of having an extra adult in their lives. 'My Extra Mom' reminds non-nuclear families there is plenty of community — and plenty of extra love — to go around.

'My Extra Mom' by Gina Grad

Los Angeles broadcaster, voiceover artist and new stepmom/"extra mom" Gina Grad has released her first children's book, My Extra Mom, which aims to help families adapt to the "blending" process by offering valuable insights and suggestions for stepparenting. The book, which launches on Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2023, focuses on fostering security and confidence in young children who are being introduced to a new parent/stepparent.

With an estimated 133.6 million Americans with a step-relationship and minimal resources for children, Grad recognized the importance of educating people in a creative way as to what being a stepmom is truly about — being a person who joins "a family already in progress" and adding to the joy, protection, and love that already exists.

My Extra Mom strives to dispel the myth of the "Evil Stepmother" and offers a positive outlook on what a healthy "modern family" can look like. Through her own experiences as a stepmom, Grad has been inspired to create a children's book that offers assurance to both children and parents that stepparents offer security and stability in addition to — not in place of — what primary parents are already providing.

This newly released children's book highlights the benefits of having an extra adult in a child's life who looks after them and loves them. It also offers suggestions, fun challenges and games that promote bonding between a stepmom and her stepchild.

My Extra Mom is a reminder to non-nuclear families that there is plenty of community and extra love to go around. This simple and innovative children's book provides a valuable resource for any family going through the "blending" process and emphasizes the importance of creating a positive environment for all family members to thrive.

Gina Grad is a national broadcaster, television, and radio host. She is the former co-host/news anchor of The Adam Carolla Show, which held the Guinness World Record for Most Downloaded Podcast. Gina has anchored on KFI AM 640, as well as hosted mornings on 100.3 FM. She is now currently hosting Planet TV Studios' New Frontiers.

My Extra Mom is available for sale on Amazon in paperback, hardback, and Kindle. 

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