Author of Viral 'Thank You Coronavirus' Video Launches a Fundraiser Campaign

"We Need To Trust" Music Video

​​​The author of the Thank You Coronavirus video that racked up 15 million views across platforms in just three days is at it again with a follow-up music video that will give back to charity.

On March 19, 2020, Polish artist Riya Sokol penned a poem exclusively dedicated to thanking coronavirus, urging viewers to look for silver linings in times of hardships. It was quickly picked up and shared around the world, including shares by top celebrities, like super-model Doutzen and an American actress Jaime King.

Now, hot on the heels of her viral success, Sokol has decided to put the media attention she received to good use and help those working tirelessly throughout the pandemic. Pledging to donate all proceeds from her new song, We Need to Trust, Sokol has chosen to donate to the global charity World Concern.

In the original poem, Sokol’s words were heartfelt and passionate, and for many, accurately captured the prevailing mood. Within hours of its release, contributors requesting to work with her on a follow up came in from all over the world. As a result, We Need to Trust was born which features voices and videos from over 40 countries, including Portugal, Jourdan, Chile, Brazil, Israel, France, Canada, USA, China, Taiwan, Peru, Cyprus Hong Kong, Turkey, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Finland, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Italy, Philippines, Malaysia, Holland, Syria, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Thailand, Tunisia, India, Guatemala, Norway, Costa Rica, UK, Sweden.

The outcome is a song that calls to all of us to begin the healing process after the chaos of recent months. Sokol feels this is the time to rebuild trust – not just in one another but also in the planet Earth itself.

In donating all proceeds to We Need to Trust, Sokol is responding to the urgent request put out by the World Concern charity to ensure crucial emergency funds meet those families in crisis at this time. This money will offer those families hardest hit during COVID-19, the aid and assistance they so desperately require to start rebuilding their lives.

Source: Riya Sokol


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