Author Publishes First-Ever Novel NFT

First novel to use NFTs (non-fungible tokens) with eBook publishing to improve on copyright protections and transform eBook sales.

Rick Talbot, author and creator of

Rick Talbot, author and IT professional, has published a new science fiction trilogy, which includes an NFT bundled with every purchase. To facilitate this, the author has simultaneously launched, an e-commerce site where books can be purchased and NFTs are redeemed (or 'minted'). The trilogy, titled "Acts of Love in Faraway Places", is now available.

With, the copyright and ownership information is bundled with the NFT. This means that an eBook can be gifted or resold much like a paper book can. The NFT also makes the book independent of a specific bookseller's ecosystem, putting more control back in authors' and readers' hands. To make it easy for anyone to purchase the book, the NFT is optional, which allows a purchase to be made with a credit card, with no crypto wallet required.

More than 1 billion people lack access to a bank account, but many have access to a smartphone. One of these people could write the next great English-language novel. Blockchain and NFTs mean that they can be paid as quickly and easily as if they were next door.

"My goal with this website is to show people how blockchain and NFTs can transform the eBook world. Since most people don't use crypto today, I made the NFT optional. That way, anyone who wants the book can buy using their credit card and then mint the NFT as a second step. The NFT allows them to gift the book to a friend, or even sell it used, just as if it were a physical book," says Rick Talbot, author, and creator of Chainreads. "Using blockchain and NFTs, we can make the book world more transparent and equitable, allow authors to have better control over their work, and remove some of the roadblocks that face authors who live outside of North America." was created to demonstrate the potential of NFTs in the eBook publishing field. Rick Talbot is an Information Technology professional, an author, and the creator of A whitepaper is available at and the initial publication, a sci-fi trilogy called "Acts of Love in Faraway Places" is now available for purchase (with NFTs) on the site.

Source: Chainreads


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About Chainreads

View Website is a live proof-of-concept site, where customers can buy a copy of a science fiction novel, and then collect an NFT to serve as proof of ownership. This website and the initial novel for purchase are created by Rick Talbot, a Canadian technology professional and writer.

This website offers several new innovations:
• the first novel with an NFT.
• a new standard for describing copyright and licensing within an NFT.
• the first website dedicated to books and NFTs.
• a novel usage of blockchain where purchases can be made by anyone using credit card or crypto, without requiring knowledge of crypto/blockchain as a prerequisite to purchase (this is important because 95%+ of people do not have crypto wallets). The idea is to straddle the worlds of web 2 and web 3, so that everyone can participate.

For more information, feel free to read the whitepaper at

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