Author Tori Ellison's New Audiobook 'Attributes Peculiar Nature' is a Profound Assortment of Poetry That Remarks on Various Facets of the Human Experience

Recent audiobook release "Attributes Peculiar Nature" from Audiobook Network author Tori Ellison is a beautiful collection of moving poems and ruminations that comment on universal experiences faced by listeners of all backgrounds. Using his incredible wordsmith prowess, Ellison delivers an eloquent and thought-provoking journey into the world and the moments in life one faces.

Tori Ellison has completed his new audiobook "Attributes Peculiar Nature": a powerful and stirring compilation of beautifully crafted poetry that remarks upon various aspects of life, spirituality, and what connects humans together.

Using a mastery of the English language, Ellison delivers incredibly crafter writings, such as one poem entitled "We All Need Encouragement", in which Ellison writes the following: "As we search to retrospect our affectionate obligations || Our turbulent times stir our angle of transgressions || Pride denatures our worst hidden guilts to abubble agitation || Superstitious, indescribable tug-of-war apparent genuineness || Instead of devastating, hopeless by the depths of silence || We must intelligibly consolidate with each other's liberty || Though we smile to disguise our emotions || Our miscommunication must not obviate our mutual relations || We must develop a sensitive nature to repress arousing pride || Separate our sated remissions not to || discontinue appealing confidence || In appropriate disobliged proneness (weigh-down) its abandonment || We must all be resilient to stand fast in our vulnerable midst || Orchestrate a close association to encourage greater aspects || Our astute minds must not hinder our emotions || Reproach our procrastinated annoyances || demeans back in its origin morale || In our precise moments we cultivate future possibilities || We all need encouragement to refocus || Aiming our cipher to circumspect beneficial aspects || Digest in mind our dichotomous key alter stages || Enthuse a buoyant staying power to be encourage."

Published by Audiobook Network, author Tori Ellison's new audiobook aims to bring listeners closer together by highlighting that the common fears, emotions, and relationships that one might face are not uniquely individual, but rather part of a grander design encountered by all peoples.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "Attributes Peculiar Nature" by Tori Ellison through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 

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