Background Calibration and QA of Medical Displays Now Possible with PerfectLum

QUBYX announced the new background calibration and quality assurance feature for its software PerfectLum with Olorin and Sony medical displays.

QUBYX Software Technologies, the developer of display calibration and quality control software solutions, has announced the new background calibration functionality for its software PerfectLum. PerfectLum will now calibrate and quality-test Olorin and 2MP Sony* displays in the background, without interrupting the diagnostic workflow.

Medical monitors require constant quality control and regular re-calibrations, and normally these procedures would make a display unavailable for readings while they are performed. The most accurate results can be achieved with a high-quality calibrated external sensor, but this type of meter requires stopping the reading process and waiting till the calibration or QA procedure is over.

With PerfectLum and Olorin or Sony displays, this inconvenience can be avoided. Using the displays' integrated front sensors and the newly added functionality, PerfectLum runs all calibration and quality control procedures in the background, so the diagnosticians can continue working while their monitors are being calibrated.

"We have been providing PerfectLum with Olorin displays for quite a long time, and they have proven very stable, functional, and reliable," says Marc Leppla, Director of QUBYX. " Sony 2MP monitors are newly integrated into PerfectLum, and we are excited about their common potential. We are happy to introduce the new background calibration functionality for PerfectLum and displays with front sensors. The combination of our software with top quality medical monitors from Olorin and Sony will make the work of medical imaging professionals even more time-efficient."

PerfectLum software performs DICOM calibrations of medical displays, as well as acceptance and constancy tests in accordance with AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-157, IEC 62563-1, and JESRA X regulations. The application features a scheduler that allows planning regular quality maintenance procedures, and a web-based Remote Management System, which enables a system administrator to control hundreds of displays regardless of their location. Using Remote Management, the administrator can schedule and start tasks for any monitor and supervise their performance. In combination with the new background calibration and QA feature, PerfectLum's scheduler and Remote Management make quality maintenance virtually automatic: the planned procedures will just start and run in the background, no physical presence of the responsible person required.

The latest release of PerfectLum with background calibration for Olorin and Sony displays is already available for download at more information about the software, please visit


QUBYX is a technology contributor to medical imaging and color management industries. QUBYX solutions include display management systems, color calibration and verification software for medical imaging and defense industries use. QUBYX software ensures that the quality of display image always conforms to the highest standards of any industry relying on professional monitors. QUBYX Software Technologies Limited is a privately owned company, based in Nice, France. For more information about QUBYX, visit



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