Beverly Hills Celebrity Real Estate Broker Alex Radosevic of Canon Properties Stars in High-Profile National Podcast

What happens when two charismatic real estate titans appear together on the same cyberspace airwaves? A podcast to be remembered, according to listeners

Alex Radosevic - Commercial Real Estate Advisor and Broker

"WOW," commented one listener of the country's hottest real estate-related podcast, aptly titled The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show, which boasts as many as nine million listeners each week. Known for booking many of real estate's most accomplished and successful guests, the Nov. 4 incarnation of the program featured an exclusive, full-length interview with Southern California's Alex Radosevic, the high-profile celebrity real estate figure and president of Canon Properties based in Beverly Hills, California.

The pairing of Radosevic and Fairless generated a conversation sure to be talked about by many listeners. "Of course I was aware of Joe's reputation. We actually have a similar history as both of us began our ascent towards the top of the real estate profession at a very young age," Radosevic said. The host was eager to hear from Radosevic about the real estate investment climate in California, and Radosevic was eager to oblige.

As a result, listeners were treated to a lively conversation in which both industry leaders talked about various types of real estate deals and future opportunities within the real estate marketplace. Canon Properties is a market leader when it comes to real estate investing, portfolio and property management for many of the country's wealthiest families, business owners and individuals.

"It was great to share with listeners the hard work that goes into building a successful career in real estate," Radosevic says. "The fact that my company now owns and manages a portfolio valued at over $2 billion dollars isn't something that happened overnight. It took a lot of hard work and a high level of expertise," he continued. Listeners were likely to gauge exactly why Radosevic has never lost a client to a competitor in a career that has spanned 25 years.

Those interested in hearing the podcast can do so by visiting the website of either participant, be it the host's which is titled with his full name, Joe Fairless or by visiting the media section of Radosevic's Canon Properties firm based in the heart of Beverly Hills, California.

Spoiler alert: If you are looking for a rather mundane or quiet conversation, choose a different podcast. If you want to better understand what it takes to reach the pinnacle of real estate success on either side of the Mississippi, do yourself a favor and tune in!

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