Bidtellect Shares Digital Advertising Guide for Brands Ahead of Back-to-School Season

With kids returning to school over the next few weeks, brands need their digital marketing strategies to make online shopping as easy and appealing as possible.

As students prepare to return to the classroom and adjust to the first full post-pandemic year, retail brands also need to quickly adjust their back-to-school digital marketing strategies to make digital shopping as easy as possible. Bidtellect, a leading demand-side platform and advertising technology company, is offering assistance on technology and marketing with its Back-to-School Digital Strategy Guide.

Half of all back-to-school shoppers in North America say they will check in-store inventory online before going into a store, and two-thirds expect personalized marketing and shopping experiences. Bidtellect's guide offers brands vital information to reach those shoppers, including insights on spending trends, the significance of discounts and deals and the overarching benefits of video advertisements. 

"The pandemic saw a huge jump in e-commerce sales, especially when it came to back-to-school and retail in general," said Lon Otremba, CEO of Bidtellect. "While many are excited to return to in-store shopping, just as many will continue to shop online, which is why it's imperative brands adjust their digital marketing strategy, so they have the most reach with shoppers."

Brands can also leverage Bidtellect's contextual targeting technology to reach consumers already researching back-to-school deals and products. Combining the company's context-driven solutions with audience creation will help reach the most interested and relevant consumers.

"As nearly all students plan to head back to school in-person, brands can count on higher spending across the board, so now is the time to spend big on scaling and be thoughtful about key performance indicators," Otremba said. "Our Automatic Algorithmic Rate Determination (AARDvark) tool adjusts to the best value of a bid according to campaign goals and, together with our in-house creative team's eye-catching creatives, brands can minimize cost while boosting engagement and ROI."

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