Bohemian ViennaCC Releases Video For Band "Rockefeller Junior"

The Vienna based musician ViennaCC published a music video of the song „Love Is Only For The Anxious" of band "Rockefeller Junior". ViennaCC produced the video free of charge for the band.

The music video shows a street musician played by Thomas Gartler, a band member of the Vienna based rock band "Rockefeller Junior". He walks to the location, inspects the location, brings amplifier, box, guitar and connects all together. After finishing he wants to start playing, but someone disturbs him. Before the musician is able to start performing on the street the song is over. ViennaCC: "You wait for the performance, but the story is only the preparation for performance. It looks like a making-of video. We developed the story shortly before the video shot. It was a very creative afternoon.".

In the music video the location is shown. It is the subway U6 station Alser Strasse in Vienna. The building is cut out of the movie, turned around in 3D space and shown from all sides. And a description is inserted on the screen. Then the building is reintegrated into the video. ViennaCC: "I like to use special effects in a video". Also the musician, Thomas Gartler, is cut out of the video, turned to upfront view and textually described.

Thomas Gartler wished to make a music video looking old and dirty. ViennaCC: "With the old film effect with noise, hair and dust the video fits good to the dirty street scene."

The band paid nothing for this video. ViennaCC: "I sponsor talented musicians by making blog reports, interviews and music videos. I do this for bands only if I like the music."

The song „Love Is Only For The Anxious" is on the new cd called "Celebrating Urban Alienation" by "Rockefeller Junior". The lyrics are about little monsters crawling nightly into a children's room.

ViennaCC produced a lot of interviews and music videos for tv before.

ViennaCC lives in Vienna, Austria, a bohemian lifestyle enjoying music and video production. ViennaCC: "I loathe stress. A waltz in my mind, but a rock guitar in my hand."

ViennaCC was 2x nominated for a New Music Award in Hollywood, awarded a medal by the International Society of Photographers and reached the semi-final at "Song of the year"-contest in Nashville.

Music video:
More to Rockefeller Junior's album:


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