Boulder's Giant Liquor Mart Gets Greener

Boulder's largest liquor store was using 100% wind power when they decided to add an American made solar roof!

Liquor Mart in Boulder, Colo. Set to Install a 46kW Solar PV system and Improve their Overall Energy Savings

Liquor Mart, known as an energy efficient, community leader in the Boulder area, has now taken the energy efficiency of their own building one step further with plans to install a 46kW rooftop solar system. Douglass Colony Group, a 65 year industry leader in commercial roofing, metal, solar, and waterproofing, will design and install the 46kW Solar World mono-crystalline system, roof mount racking system, and a new, energy efficient white TPO roof. All products (modules, inverters, electrical gear, etc) were made in the USA and 10% of the project will be locally sourced in Colorado.

The Liquor Mart store is an old barn that has been upgraded over the years for energy efficiency. Modifications over years have included compressors, insulation, lighting, and the recycling of all cardboard materials, which is quite a bit. Perhaps most impressively, 100% of all power is supplied via wind power. In fact, Liquor Mart is the 13th largest subscriber to wind power in Colorado.

Adding solar to the already impressive building will provide Liquor Mart with tremendous energy savings beyond what is already realized. Jack Stoakes, Liquor Mart General Manager, states, "The roof was badly damaged after all the hail storms Colorado incurred this summer and a new roof was definitely needed. The store wanted to add solar to the building for years now but the timing was not right and the estimated payback was around 18 years. Tough to justify that ROI. After talking with Douglass Colony Group, it was realized the building could save money by doing a re-roof and solar together, achieve an ROI of under 5 years, and enjoy energy independence sooner than predicted." Jack goes on to say, "This is huge for the Boulder community as well. Solar will reduce our hard costs and the savings will be passed down to the Boulder community through better product deals."

So, what's the key to Liquor Mart's success all these years? "Well,it's our ability to provide top-notch customer service, great prices, and a progressive product offering for even the most sophisticated consumer palate in the Boulder area," states Jack. This winning strategy is paying off as Liquor Mart continues to expand with over 65 employees and 32,500 square feet on two levels. Liquor Mart is the largest liquor store in Boulder County and one of the largest in the country!

About Liquor Mart: Liquor Mart has been serving the Boulder community with a vast selection of wines, liquors, beers and mixer/barware for over 44 years. Liquor Mart strives to provide quality beverages at great prices to the Boulder community while also being actively involved within the community. Liquor Mart has supported hundreds of non-profits in the Boulder and Broomfield counties and is a firm believer in giving back to the Boulder community, as it's supported Liquor Mart since its inception in 1968.


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