D_XTER FOREVER Travels to the Past to Make Music of the Future


Dyl Somethingorother and Dex Whatshisname are the life of the party (ending by 9 pm, in bed by 10) and founding members of neo-80's-pop duo D_XTER FOREVER. Dyl and Dex have known each other for a couple miles and a few lifetimes, solidifying their impersonations of humans and pouring out neo-80's-pop smash hit after neo-80's- pop smash hit — each with its own incandescent, phosphorescent, get-you-dancing-in-a-second type vibe, making it hard to leave, but easy to arrive.

D_XTER FOREVER released their debut neo-80s-pop smash hit single "feel your love" somewhat recently (as far as they can remember) and have garnered high praise from both of their mothers. "feel your love" will have you singing along before the end of the first hook; dancing before you remember you 'can't dance'. "feel your love" is a beloved old friend coming to you with heartache and grand dilemma in tow, lamenting, "i want to feel your love, not your fear of being alone...". It is the soundtrack to laughter and tears and love and fears; a luminous darkness, creatively inspired by a deep rooted nostalgia for a time long passed.

Accompanying their debut neo-80s-pop smash hit single, D_XTER FOREVER teamed up with Radfox Films and Director Jonah Z Helms to create a state of the art music video. Witness as two time travelers who know nothing of time scramble to prepare for their first big gig...prom. Watch as Dex and Dyl of D_XTER FOREVER race against the clock to perform their debut neo-80s-pop smash hit single, 'feel your love', in front of a live audience. Will they make it on time? What is time? Watch it all unfold on YouTube, HERE.

"feel your love" falls nowhere in the rankings of the Billboard Top 40, to which Dex comments, "relax, we just got here..". With a fervent buzz building around D_XTER FOREVER's debut neo-80s-pop smash hit single "feel your love" the duo prepares to release an undisclosed 'B' side single by the end of the summer CE (current era).



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