Bricole Reincke Launches Website Dedicated to All Things Horses

Bricole Reincke's passion inspired her to combine her experience and knowledge and launch her new website about horses including valuable equestrian insight, advice, and news.

Bricole Reincke with her horse

Bricole Reincke has always had a passion for all things horses, however, she did not start participating in the sport until her mid-30s. 

"As I was taking my dogs on a walk through my neighborhood, I saw a horse standing so silently in the trees in a neighbor's yard. He was so still and majestic that I almost thought he could be a statue. I thought to myself that I would like to try horseback riding, but who starts something like that so late in life? I had always thought of horseback riding as something that a kid does. However, I went for it. I found a barn about a mile from my house and here I am three years later competing in horse shows and I own a horse," says Reincke.

Recently, Bricole created a website and began blogging about not only her experiences with horses but general equestrian advice as well. The information included on the site includes the benefits of interacting with horses, basic horse care tips, things to consider when purchasing a horse, how to know if and when it is too hot to ride your horse, and much more.

As with everything in her life, Bricole Reincke goes full speed ahead. Bricole competed in the 2019 - 2020 Heritage Horse Show Circuit, held at the Plantation Equestrian Center, and won overall Grand Champion of the Low-Hunter Division. Bricole Reincke is a member of USEF and USHJA. 

Another blog feature is Bricole Reincke's gallery page. Here you can find candid snapshots of Bricole with her horse, her coach, and her ribbons, among many others.

Additionally, the site features videos.

Source: Bricole Reincke


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