BrightLocal Launches Local RankFlux - the First Algorithm Tracker for Google's Local Business Results

Local RankFlux

BrightLocal, a leading provider of local SEO and reputation management tools, launches Local RankFlux, an industry-first in tracking fluctuations in Google’s local search algorithm.

Local RankFlux differs from traditional algorithm trackers by focusing on the local search results for businesses that appear in Google’s Local Finder. The free-to-use tool allows local businesses to track fluctuations across 26 major industries, including hotels, bars, car dealerships, and legal practices. 

For each industry, the tool tracks 28 different keywords across 20 major cities in the USA. It monitors more than 14,500 keywords to identify volatility within local results and provides daily alerts to inform email subscribers of possible Google local algorithm updates.

Myles Anderson, CEO and co-founder of BrightLocal, said, “Changes in local rankings happen every day, so we created Local RankFlux to help marketers and local businesses understand whether their rankings are being impacted by local search volatility.

“Local businesses need to closely monitor their local Google rankings, as any changes can have major ramifications on the bottom line.”  

How Local RankFlux Works

To determine the daily change, Local RankFlux scans the top 20 results in the Google Local Finder for more than 14,500 local keywords and compares that ranking to the previous day’s position. Local RankFlux applies a weighting to different groups of ranking positions to match the perceived importance and ranking value of positions in Google’s local search results. 

Local RankFlux then multiplies the change in position between today’s and yesterday’s rankings by the weighting and creates an average across the industry. 

Daily Local RankFlux Scores range between: 

  • 0-3 indicates "low," expected fluctuation (i.e., nothing significant has happened) 
  • 3-6 indicates "medium" fluctuation (i.e., something minor has happened)
  • 6-10 indicates "high" fluctuation (i.e., something major has happened - likely a local algorithm update)

Anderson explains, “BrightLocal aims to stay on the pulse of local SEO and arm marketers with the tools to continually improve their performance online. Local RankFlux is our latest solution to help decipher local businesses’ online presence and arm businesses and marketers alike with the facts needed to develop your local marketing strategy.”

To stay up to date with local algorithm changes, sign up for daily, weekly, or urgent email alerts from within the Local RankFlux tool. Find out more information on how Local RankFlux works in the methodology.

​About BrightLocal:
BrightLocal is a specialist local marketing platform that provides affordable local SEO and reputation management tools for search marketing agencies and SMBs. Founded in the U.K. in 2008, it serves over 80,000 customers across the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia.

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