Bunny Reaction to Plastic Wrap Wall Video

Invisible Wall Challenge

 The latest video for the Guinness World Record rabbit, Bini the Bunny, has been released and has already hit 145,000+ views

Nobody knows better than Bini's owner, Shai Lighter, about how important it is to keep your rabbits stimulated and engaged by giving them challenges and rewarding them with treats rather than sitting in a cage all day.

In the video, Mr. Lighter sets up a 4 level challenge involving an invisible wall made of plastic wrap. In each level, the smart rabbit keeps finding creative ways to get to the raspberries. Fans are encouraged to watch to see whether Bini's determination and intelligence will allow him to figure out how to get to his yummy prize.

Bini is a Guinness World record rabbit for the most slam dunks by a rabbit in a minute. Bini is known to be the only bunny in the world who can paint, play basketball and style hair.

Link to video - https://youtu.be/S4SUpwhJVjo

Source: YouTube.com/BiniTheBunny


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