BVIRAL Announces Partnership With Just Viral TV


BVIRAL has announced that it has acquired a minority stake in media publisher Just Viral TV. This partnership will expand BVIRAL's footprint of owned and operated media properties across Facebook, TikTok, Snap, Instagram and YouTube. The partnership will give Just Viral TV access to BVIRAL's proprietary technology and relationships to bolster its reach and revenue. 

"Just Viral TV has done an amazing job building a large community across multiple social platforms. We knew if Just Viral TV had access to BVIRAL's proprietary technology, systems, and relationships, we could quickly amplify their growth. We could not be more excited to bring Just Viral TV into the BVIRAL network." - Jonathan Burdon, Founder and CEO of BVIRAL.

BVIRAL is a tech-centric media publisher and entertainment studio headquartered in Nashville, TN. Owning viral media properties such as their flagship brand BVIRAL, Land of Floof, Best Videos, Oof Dynasty and more, BVIRAL's content reaches over 1 billion views each month. Operating within the services of content licensing, original productions and creator partnerships, BVIRAL's primary focus is to consistently provide its Gen Z viewers with highly entertaining short-form video content.

Just Viral TV is an original production studio and content library specializing in viral videos and short-form skits. With nearly 10 million subscribers across all major social media platforms, Just Viral TV's reach provides social media entertainment to millions of viewers around the world.

Please visit or email [email protected] for any further information.

Source: BVIRAL


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