Carrot Top Paper Shop Launches Legacy Collection, Honoring Both Fictional and Real-Life Heroines

Carrot Top Paper Shop launches 15+ piece product line of literary wall art, bookmarks, and limited edition coffee mug, all inspired by our favorite women in literature

Anne of Green Gables in watercolor

Jenny Williams is the artist and owner behind Carrot Top Paper Shop, an online store dedicated to fans of Anne Shirley and other classic literary heroines. 

Williams is passionate about sharing her love of reading, and classic literature, with girls of all ages. As an avid reader from a young age, she began creating literary wall art for her daughter nearly two years ago, to inspire her with the books and characters that impacted her life.

Now, with thousands of fans and dedicated customers, Williams gets to share her artwork and love of literature with women all around the world.

This highly anticipated collection will be released to the public on May 15, 2017, at, and will include two literary heroine portraits, five bookmarks, two greeting cards, a limited edition mug inspired by Jane Austen, and three portraits paying tribute to three beloved female writers, among other literary prints.

The Legacy Collection honors the women who have impacted us, both through literature, and in real life.

"During the creation of this product line, my grandmother passed away," says Williams. "She was an artist, too, and I had been using her watercolors for many of my new designs. Anne Shirley has made a big impact on my life, but not as big as the women who have loved and supported me in real life. Our sphere of influence is bigger than we think, and that is easy to forget. That is the theme of this collection: loving the people in our lives to the best of our ability. That is what leaving a legacy is truly about."

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