CashRun And Payvision Sign Powerful Referral Agreement

CashRun and Payvision inked a powerful Referral Agreement today aimed at enhancing secured credit and debit card transactions for e-merchants in the APAC region.

CashRun, a leading provider of e-commerce fraud management and global payment services, and Payvision, a recognized global card processing provider, inked a powerful Referral Agreement today aimed at enhancing secured credit and debit card transactions for e-merchants in the APAC region.

This Agreement intensifies CashRun's comprehensive list of credit and debit card partners, and empowers online merchants around the world to process and receive secured card-not-present transactions in new target markets. "Ensuring wider and stronger partnerships enables our online merchants to reach more customers in card-oriented markets such as the booming Asian economies" stated Justin Lie, Managing Director of CashRun Group.

As a trusted provider of extensive products and services for the card-not-present arena, Payvision was recently granted PSD License from Dutch Central Bank, reinforcing both its operational standards and its leading capacity in the card processing marketplace. "This new agreement couples Payvision's strong reputation in the APAC region and CashRun's renowned fraud management solutions, granting access for online merchants to optimal secure payment methods" assured Rudolf Booker, CEO of Payvision. The partnership shows CashRun's commitment towards e-merchants to help achieving business growth by means of minimizing online fraud and maintaining focus.

About CashRun -
CashRun was established in 2007 with the objective of supporting businesses' needs for effective and affordable online payment solutions. Since establishment, CashRun has had tremendous success with key industries that are sensitive towards fraud, and continues to be at the forefront for solutions centering around e-commerce. With strong global presence and partnerships, CashRun supports businesses to develop firmly their core competencies, protect as well as maximize their revenues and growth, and minimize the risks credit card fraud presents to their operations.

About Payvision -
Payvision, an independent payment solutions provider specialized in global card processing for the e-commerce market offers Acquiring Banks, PSP/ISO and their Merchants a secure PCI Compliant, PSD Licensed international payment processing platform enhanced with innovative technology. Payvision provides its customers 24/7 Support, 150+ transactions - and regional card settlement currencies, a high-end reporting interface and a solid risk management solution. Founded in 2002 Payvision is headquartered in Amsterdam and has expanded its global services in over 40 countries with offices in New York, Utah, Madrid, Singapore and Hong Kong. Please visit for more information.


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