Celebrating Debbie Annett's Groundbreaking Contribution: Spanish for You! - a Revolutionary Theme-Based Spanish Curriculum

This Women's History Month, we proudly highlight the achievements of Debbie Annett, the visionary founder behind the innovative Spanish for You! curriculum. With over 20 years of teaching experience and a passion for making Spanish education accessible to everyone, Debbie has created a unique and affordable solution for elementary and middle school language learning.

A Curriculum Directly from Debbie to You: Drawing from her extensive teaching background, Debbie has personally crafted each aspect of the curriculum, ensuring a straightforward and effective approach. Everything, from instructional content to curriculum graphics, is designed to be user-friendly and affordable. The hand-drawn black and white illustrations, created by a child, not only keep costs down but also appeal to students who enjoy coloring them.

“Upon becoming a mom, I embarked on a journey to redefine Spanish education, driven by the belief that simplicity is key. With Spanish for You!, I aimed to deliver academic excellence without the burden of excessive costs and complexity. My goal has always been to empower educators, parents, and students alike by offering streamlined lessons, accessible materials, and a curriculum designed for success," said Debbie.

Proven Success Across the Nation: This curriculum is not just theoretical; it's a product of many years of practical and educational experience. Spanish for You! has been used successfully for over a decade by hundreds of families, schools, and organizations nationwide. Click here to learn how it works.

Debbie Annett's Legacy: Debbie's dedication to making quality Spanish education accessible and affordable to everyone has left an indelible mark on the education landscape. Her creation, Spanish for You!, is not only a celebration of Women's History Month but also a testament to her commitment to empowering educators, parents, and students.

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Spanish for You! is a theme-based Spanish curriculum that engages students through a variety of easily taught techniques. Plus, it saves parents, teachers, and schools time and money by using streamlined lessons with inexpensive materials.

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