Centaur and IFT Propose Ways to Digitize the Grains & Cereals Supply Chain to Bring Safety and Traceability

Centaur today, working jointly with the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), released a special report for key decision-makers of the global agricultural commodity value chain for grains and cereals on how a digitized supply chain — using "internet of things" and blockchain — can bring significant quality and safety enhancements to staple foods and baked goods. This proposes bold steps toward adopting mature technologies for achieving automated, farm-to-shelf traceability and transparent quality.

Digitizing the Grains and Cereals Supply Chain

Centaur Analytics, Inc., a company creating the post-harvest quality chain for agricultural crops and food, working jointly with the IFT’s Global Food Traceability Center, today released a special report for key decision-makers of the global agricultural commodity value chain for grains and cereals entitled, “Towards Traceable Flour — Digitizing the Grains & Cereals Supply Chain.” This report outlines how a digitized supply chain, using blockchain, is rapidly achievable and enables significant quality and safety enhancements driven by bringing traceability to the grains and cereals supply chains of the world.

Together with releasing this special report, Centaur is working with OpenLedger ApS, a leading blockchain technology consultancy, to provide a version of its Internet-of-CropsTM platform coupled with blockchain technology, demonstrating readiness to deliver these objectives to the grains and cereals supply chain.

“The global agricultural commodity value chain for grains and cereals has an opportunity to achieve an astounding level of quality and safety enhancements with traceability,” said Sotiris Bantas, Ph.D., CEO of Centaur. “By applying mature technologies at scale, we show the opportunity to track the condition and history of every kernel of grain within a food product. This level of transparency and traceability brings the control, safety and quality that consumers want.”  

Topics covered within this special report:

  • Using traceability as a quality enabler for commodities stored and transported in bulk.
  • How remotely monitored storage facilities (on-farm silos, grain elevators) and transport vehicles can provide actionable post-harvest quality analytics.
  • Data frameworks to store traceability data in a distributed ledger, for transparency and authenticity.
  • Integrating and combining the latest technological advances — such as Internet of things devices, 5G networks and novel sensors and portable analyzers — to fully automate capturing traceable events in the supply chain.

The existing pilot blockchain initiatives within the grains industry demonstrate an opportunity for a next-generation, digital quality chain for monitoring the physical condition of every commodity and ingredient, as well as events impacting food products.

Centaur will demonstrate this capability at the IFT19: Feed Your Future show, at Booth 2841-B, in New Orleans, Monday, June 3, 2019, through Wednesday, June 5, 2019.

Download the special report for free at www.centaur.ag/traceable-flour.

For more information, email [email protected] to book a meeting with Centaur representatives.

About Centaur Analytics, Inc. (centaur.ag): Centaur Analytics Inc., founded in 2016, is passionate about perfecting global food quality, enabling abundance and reducing waste. Led by world-class experts and entrepreneurs in the fields of electronics, agronomy and artificial intelligence, Centaur delivers its award-winning, innovative Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology and advanced analytics which underpin its Internet-of-CropsTM platform to transform the traditional supply chain into a state-of-the-art, trusted Quality Chain.

About IFT (ift.org): The Institute of Food Technologists’ Global Food Traceability Center is a global authority and resource on food traceability with a focus on inter-operable data sharing architectures in food operations. The IFT GFTC convenes experts, provides advice, researches novel traceability schema, facilitates data standards development, and communicates research findings to industry and the wider public. Food traceability encompasses the entire value chain and requires an interdisciplinary skill set in the domains of food operations, IoT, logistics, information technology and regulations.

About OpenLedger ApS (Openledger.info): OpenLedger is dedicated to bringing the power of blockchain technology to the wider business world. OpenLedger works with a global client base to leverage existing blockchain solutions and build new decentralized applications that power our partners’ business success.​

Press Contact: John Stibal, [email protected]

Source: Centaur Analytics Inc.


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