CheerDots Announces Launch of CheerTok Pocket Touchpad With Customizable Shortcuts for All Smart Devices

Computer interaction innovators CheerDots just announced the launch of a revolutionary pocket touchpad device with customizable functions for all smart devices. This iPod-sized touchpad gives users a singular way to control smart devices. This sleekly designed, ultra-portable device transforms the way users interact with their most essential daily devices. CheerTok is soon available:

CheerTok is a touchpad that connects to any smart device for on-screen control, a true all-in-one solution for every situation. Compatible with virtually all devices including Apple, Windows, and Android, as well as computers, projectors, autos and TVs, it lets users wirelessly connect for convenient on-screen control. This lightweight, compact device has a surface that acts as a highly responsive touchscreen for easy input and it replaces many other device controllers for a more intuitive method of user interaction.

"As our daily lives become more enmeshed with smart devices for business, entertainment, and fun, we often find ourselves overwhelmed with controllers. From presentation tools and TV remotes to phones and tablets, we are constantly engaged with different input devices and screens. Our goal with CheerTok was to streamline and simplify digital lifestyles. CheerTok is a replacement for total smart device control, giving users a pocket-sized tool for universal control. It's the perfect device to travel with you no matter if you're a business person, content creator, or movie lover. With CheerTok, you can take control of all smart devices with ease!" — CheerDots CEO Andrew Xi

CheerTok is perfect for business meetings, connecting wirelessly and acting as an air mouse for projectors, slide controller, PPT presentation tool, and volume control. It also works with smartphone cameras for selfie camera control or volume adjustment. While on the go, CheerTok can be used to control functions conveniently on car screens and at home. CheerTok continues to impress, replacing TV remotes for screencasts, controlling movie playback and channel selection. As an enhanced smart device controller, it also has the ability to create customized controls for repeated operations with multiple inputs, such as controlling video playback or making calls. 

CheerTok pocket touchpad gives users the most intuitive way to control and customize smart device functions and is available now with deals and discounts for early adopters. 

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