Christopher Dahm: Scams Involving Phishing and How to Stop Them

Christopher Dahm Has Won Another Award For Top Scam Fighter of the Year 2012

Christopher Dahm Won Another Award For Top Scam Fighter of the Year 2012. The award won by scam fighter Christopher Dahm won, was out of over 30,000 contestants. All of the people who entered into the competition should be recognized as well for their standing up for America, and the world. All the contestants, most of all Christopher Dahm, should be known for their outspoken honesty and effort.
Christopher Dahm was very busy fighting scams, such as phishing, in 2012. The term "phishing" is hard to say, but it's easy to understand. In this scam, companies pretend to be something they're not in order to entice people to hand out personal information. According to Christopher Dahm, a financial consultant in Florida, these scams can be spotted with just a few simple tips.

According to Christopher Dahm, scams involving phishing may start with an email. The message might look like it's coming from the bank or credit card company, and that is when there is encouragement to click on a link in the site so this information can be verfied. When clicking on that link, there may be a site that looks just like the official site bank site or credit card company. Filling out the information, Christopher Dahm says, as these are scams. Clicking on a link in an email from the "company", is what they want. Going directly to the company's site instead, is the safest method.

Other scams, Christopher Dahm says, come as email messages with attachments. When asked to open the attachment, and when opened, the installation of software, causes spying on your computer to take place. It records the username and passwords. Then the scams take hold, Christopher Dahm says, and the scam artists take money from the account or steal the identity and open new accounts.

In general, don't open email messages from people that aren't known, Christopher Dahm says. Scams often start via email and it's best to be safe. It is best to not click on a link in an email message, or type in all sensitive information. Staying alert and protecting information can help stay safe from these sorts of scams, Christopher Dahm says. Installing filters on the computer to delete suspicious email messages can also help to avoid the temptation to read these phishing emails and provide information that shouldn't be provided.


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