Cipherpoint Announces Data Protection Embedded Offering for Managed Services Providers

The new data protection offering for managed service providers enables enhanced MSP users protection and ensures regulatory compliance.

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Cipherpoint is pleased to announce its latest data protection offering for managed service providers.

Cipherpoint's cp.Protect data security solution is now offered as an embedded technology into hosted managed IT services environments. This means MSPs can assure their existing customers that the data they host and manage for customers is visible only to their customer, to the exclusion of the MSP’s infrastructure and application administrators.

cp.Protect is an ideal solution for MSPs who offer a managed service on the Citrix platform and want to offer customers a compliant and differentiated service. Enterprises and small businesses who use hosted services can avoid compromising compliance and reduce the risk of malicious or inadvertent disclosure of sensitive data.

Pricing is on a per user basis increasing as protected user numbers rise. "We believe that this approach is the future of how our applications will be deployed embedded within managed service offering and without impacting end users," said Steven Bliim, COO of Cipherpoint. 

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Tags: cloud security, data classification, data compliance, msp data protection, sensitive data discovery

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