CloudVisit's Wind Turbine Maintenance Software Can Help the United States Catch Up With China and the European Union

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​​​​The United States has outstanding potential to become a world leader in wind energy but is lagging behind China and the European Union. China currently leads the world in wind power. The country projects that by 2050, 40 percent of its energy market will be supplied by renewable energy. According to Wind Europe’s 2018 report, wind power in the European Union generates enough electricity to support 11.6 percent of total energy consumption. French President Emmanuel Macron promised that France alone would triple its wind power capacity by 2030. The United States produces 6.6 percent of its total electricity from wind power, falling behind the EU and China.

How can the U.S. catch up? The answer may seem simple — by installing more wind farms and optimizing performance of the wind turbines already in use. This will create more jobs, a stronger and more diverse economy and a sustainable future for coming generations. CloudVisit is invested in this vision and has developed Wind Turbine Maintenance Software to make this future possible.

Wind Growth In The United States

Wind energy is growing in the U.S. and holds notable potential. The nation’s first utility-scale offshore wind energy project, Vineyard Wind, was recently awarded a 20-year contract to provide electricity at approximately one-third of the cost of other renewables. CloudVisit’s Wind Turbine Maintenance Software can help support renewable and affordable electricity nationwide.

CloudVisit’s Wind Turbine Maintenance Software enables remote inspection of wind farms, so inspectors can approve work without having to travel to distant sites. Using CloudVisit’s software, inspectors can review the installation as well as the ongoing maintenance of wind farms. Remote inspections can increase an inspector’s efficiency and availability, so they can review and approve multiple wind turbines per day.

Although the U.S. is lagging behind the rest of the world in establishing wind as a major source of energy, the renewable is beginning to gain investment interest from a variety of industry sectors. Google, Amazon, General Motors and IKEA have wind farms in the U.S. These companies could further maximize their investments by using collaborative inspection software such as CloudVisit’s to speed up wind turbine installation and maintenance.

Wind Turbine Maintenance Software Provides Enhanced Data Reports to Increase Efficiency

Once wind turbines are installed, the goal is to maximize energy production. Proper maintenance of these wind turbines is necessary to maximize a wind turbine’s efficiency. CloudVisit’s Wind Turbine Maintenance Software allows for enhanced data analysis through customized reporting and can be used to optimize wind turbine power generation as well as lifespan.

The data gleaned from system reports helps analysts identify maintenance patterns and trends within a wind farm, as well as each turbine. This data can be used to better understand the best procedures in the maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) of a wind farm. It can also supply investors with information that can influence future investments in wind turbine models and their components.

Achieving Renewable Energy Goals

While the U.S. hopes to achieve 20 percent installed wind capacity by 2030, tangible actions must be taken quickly to achieve this goal. CloudVisit provides a total solution for every step of wind turbine installation and maintenance. Leading the way in MRO software, CloudVisit’s wind energy solution can be utilized now and is scalable for future growth. The winds of change are coming — and they include more jobs, a stronger economy and environmentally sound energy production. CloudVisit is helping to build that world.

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CloudVisit Wind Turbine Maintenance Software enables remote inspections of wind turbines. Using CloudVisit’s software, inspectors can approve inspections from a centralized location such as their office. On-site wind turbine technicians do not need to wait for the inspectors to arrive and can use their time more effectively. 

CloudVisit currently serves many industries and offers Energy Software, Aviation Software, Construction Software, Maritime Software, Transportation Software and Telemedicine Software, and is expanding. CloudVisit is backed by 15 years of success in software programming, video conferencing, telemedicine and telecommunications. The company has a proven record of excellence, efficiency, security and quality customer service.

For questions about MRO software and remote inspections or to request a no-obligation demo, call 845-809-5770.

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