Clyde the Clever Wrote a Letter, Coming Soon

Clyde the Clever Wrote a Letter, new children's book coming soon! Illustrated by artist and animator, Madison Cahill, written by Hudson Valley, NY native Edward Nolan. Meet Clyde as he embarks on a treacherous journey to deliver a special letter to his special friends.

Clyde the Clever Wrote a Letter

Meet Clyde as he embarks on a courageous adventure!  

He’s determined to deliver a very important letter to his best friend, Sweater. Will his letter arrive safely through the wet  weather? Will Sweater be delighted with what is written in the letter? Oh, the suspense!! 

Storyteller Madison Maureen Cahill, Poughkeepsie, NY native, has interpreted and vibrantly illustrated this endearing story, capturing its message of healthy friendships, young love, courage and perseverance. “Clyde” has come to life in her colorful and detailed watercolor creations. Madison is an accomplished artist with autism who has defied hurdles and boundaries as exemplified with her previous art pieces and animations. At the current age of 18, she has already been featured in multiple galleries and publications, coast to coast.

Writer and Hudson Valley resident, Ed Nolan is a connector of playfulness, words and perspective. Tale telling is as comforting as gardening for Ed. His upcoming publications include “Jimi’s Jammies”, “Mike’s Bike” and “Tommy Gray and the Crumby Tummy Day”.

Release Date July 17, 2020, Lulu, Amazon, Barnes and Noble

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