Collavate Attains ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification

Collavate ISO9001:2015 Certificate

​​Collavate, Inc, a cloud-hosted platform developer for compliance and workflow management, announced that its product development and services operations have achieved certification for the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 standard, establishing it as one of the leaders in its field.

Compliance with ISO 9001 means Collavate has documented processes and workflows for product development, quality assurance and development that ensure continuous improvement in its products. It means Collavate application can be utilized for organizations to drive quality controls that ensure customer expectations are met.

Collavate manages its company using specific metrics that are defined by the top management of the company. These metrics are built into the quality system, so good metrics means good quality automatically. As the metrics and feedback changes, so does their quality system. As a younger company with a rapidly growing customer base, Collavate understands that getting certified now would set a foundation for its business habits and processes that would allow it to compete in a global market and make it stand out from the competition. 

“We want to build a world-class compliance platform to help companies manage their own quality systems; and to do that, we want to pursue as many standards that relate to our customers’ market as possible,” says Justin SW Jung, CEO of the company. “We aren’t stopping at 9001:2015, and we also realize that the certification itself isn’t the end goal for us or our product. Quality is a continuous process, and we will always continually improve our processes and, by extension, our product. This isn’t just a promise we make - it’s a promise we prove - over and over again. That’s what our certification represents to us, and that's why it isn’t a goal, it's the way we face each day, it’s a lifestyle.” 

The audit was performed by PRI Registrar in September 2019 and Collavate passed with zero non-conformities. “Collavate has demonstrated its commitment to world-class quality management by implementing and becoming certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. They have joined an elite number of organizations worldwide who have achieved certification to this globally recognized quality standard,” said Randy Daugharthy, Director of the Registrar Program at the Performance Review Institute Registrar. “PRI Registrar is proud to partner with Collavate in this accomplishment and looks forward to continued support of their objective of quality excellence.”

To celebrate Collavate’s ISO attainment, Collavate will host a free webinar on October 23 for service and manufacturing companies to share best practices of acquiring and maintaining the ISO and how the Collavate app can be leveraged for daily quality assurance and compliance tasks.

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About Collavate Inc:

Collavate is a cloud-based, team collaboration and compliance workflow suite that helps teams connect and get work done. Collavate is used by 9,000 organizations, including Korean Air, Uber, Google, FILA, Kakao. Collavate is listed in the G Suite Marketplace and Google Docs Add-on Store.​

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