College Student In Arizona Writes New Novel Linking Fantasy, History, And 9-11

A Phoenix, AZ native releases the first novel of a trilogy which characterizes the events of September 11, 2001 as a crucial turning point in a fantasy story about the repetitive patterns of good and evil within the annuls of human history.

Phoenix, Arizona author and resident Bahhaj Hockley has published, "The Elister Chronicles: The United National Council of Elister", a 428-page fantasy novel that illustrates a close relationship between tragedies of the present with mistakes of the very-distant, fictional past. The newly-released novel seeks to connect extreme events and turning points in human history with a fantasy world on Earth before recorded time, portraying the struggles we face in the 21st century as themes that have been repeated and remain unsolved in our very-distant past.

"I had this brilliant idea of a way to explain why these tragedies happen and why they continue to happen in a way that made for both an enjoyable story, but also a deeper connection to the readers about what the condition and capacity of human nature really was," says Bahhaj. "I thought of this story line almost ten years ago and even though it is clearly fictional, I think there is a current of understanding and hope for the future with which my readers can identify."

Bahhaj Hockley is 22 and a senior in college at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. A native Arizonan from Phoenix, he is pursuing a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering and will graduate in the fall of 2012. He began writing at a very young age and developed the idea for the current trilogy as his first major literary undertaking at the age of 13. He has always enjoyed the craft from the moment he learned to scrawl legibly and revels in the richness and style of literary geniuses like J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkein, and Robert Jordan. He adamantly believes that he owes the accomplishment of finishing this novel to the support of his family and closest friends.

While the market is certainly full of fantasy and fiction giants ranging from the legendary Tolkein to the more modern heavyweights like Rowling, this novel takes a slightly different approach to traditional fantasy by drawing conclusions from true, landmark events in human history and ascribing their causes and consequences, whether beneficial or detrimental, to a deeper history of Earth and its fictional inhabitants millions of years ago. Its story line is a never-before-seen take on the events of 9-11 and the reasons behind our seemingly-irreparable rifts in culture and belief which lead to such devastating actions. This novel has been published through Smashwords as a stepping stone to the greater market and will be appearing in other electronic libraries and catalogs as well within the next few weeks.

For a limited time (through December), the electronic book version of "The Elister Chronicles" will be available at half of its list price, for only $2.94, at Smashwords at Simply enter the coupon code jp46v at checkout to receive this new, discounted price. 20% of the book is also available for free as a sample.


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