Collegiate Cape Pre-season Sales Soar

Cape manufacturer braces for high demand with onset of college football season

With football season just weeks away, Everfan headquarters has been busily shipping out collegiate superhero capes. The capes cover 10 SEC and ACC teams, including Florida State University, University of Florida, University of Georgia, University of South Carolina, Clemson, University of Alabama, Auburn, University of Tennessee, Louisiana State University, and Arkansas.

"Our pre-season sales have been strong, but with almost all of our teams ranked well in the AP poll and all with higher expectations than last year, I think we will continue to see sales growth throughout the seaspm," Everfan CEO Scott Chastain said.

In addition to the 10 teams Everfan currently wholesales and retails, the company is fulfilling special orders for other schools and alumni associations looking for unique fundraising opportunities.

"Michigan State University is a good example of this. They contacted us for hundreds of adult and youth capes a couple of months ago and are now having to reorder," Chastain said.

Coming off two consecutive National Championships, Alabama tops the sales charts for Everfan, but LSU is a close second. LSU youth capes just went on backorder until mid-September, just in time for major conference rivalries.

In addition to finding the collegiate superhero capes at local boutiques and college bookstores, you can purchase the capes from Everfan has also partnered with onlline deal sites such as Zulily and Plum District so savvy shoppers can find short-term deals and discounts on the capes.

About Everfan
Scott Chastain, a.k.a. Captain Stretch, established Everfan as a means to channel his passion for superheroes and college football into a business venture. The company has since been providing both kids and adults custom superhero capes and shirts that allow them to use their imagination and engage in active play that helps improve their health and social development.


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