Consumers Can Lower Energy Costs With These 5 Tips From energyware™

The national leader in energy efficiency technology shares how businesses can benefit from energy conservation strategies.

With the recent rise in energy and fuel costs, businesses across the country have begun reassessing their energy use. Many are looking for new ways to reduce both costs and carbon footprints. By introducing effective methods of energy conservation, businesses in key sectors can achieve significant cost savings while lowering their environmental impact.

energyware™, a leading national provider of energy-efficient technology solutions, shares five energy conservation tips for business owners looking to take advantage of these benefits in 2022:

1. Increase Attentiveness and Boost Health with LED Lighting.

When buildings are properly lit with LED lighting fixtures, the people working, studying, and living there are more likely to experience higher energy levels and increased focus. These lighting systems are ideal for classrooms, where students and teachers can enjoy reduced eye strain, enhanced cognitive focus, and, most importantly, a significantly reduced impact on their circadian rhythm.

LED lighting solutions such as daylight harvesting and automatic color-changing systems have also been proven to help reduce blue light waves and help improve users' sleep. This can be especially helpful in a healthcare setting, where patients can recover more quickly thanks to better nights of rest.

2. Stop Waste in Its Tracks with Solar.

On average, solar panel systems last more than 50 years longer than traditional bulbs. As the cleanest and most renewable energy source available today, solar panels can be perfect for large-scale construction projects, residential complexes, and industrial plants.

3. Tell Data to Chill Out.

In 2022, data may just be the world's most valuable resource. Businesses are leveraging data and data analytics to improve operational performance, reduce inefficiencies, and gain insights into their target markets. However, from an energy perspective, data is costly. In 2016, the U.S. Department of Energy reported that data centers and server farms represented an estimated 2% of the entire country's energy use. That is roughly 70 billion kilowatt-hours per year.

By leveraging power management software, cooling systems, and air conditioning units, and regulating airflow throughout data facilities, businesses that rely on such centers can limit their overall output and keep temperatures under control.

4. Stay Safe and Shine Bright.

Parking garages can be scary when improperly illuminated. Airports with poor lighting systems can't enforce emergency response plans nearly as well. And any municipality looking to boost safety and quality-of-life conditions without first looking to improve its lighting infrastructure is bound to struggle.

LED lighting is useful in each of these scenarios. It can help avoid blind spots and ominous walkways in parking garages, improve traveler safety in both interior and exterior spaces, and enhance municipal lighting in towns and cities of any size.

5. Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold …

Proper HVAC maintenance can keep those temperatures just right, while also saving money. When HVAC systems are not running optimally, energy loss can quickly drain profits. When all components are in good working order and insulated, this loss can be prevented, and big-time savings can be secured.

"Energy conservation and the use of renewable energy sources are proven game-changers for business owners in 2022," said Jake Jacques, CEO at energyware™. "We have been assisting businesses in diverse industries with their energy conservation efforts, and we are proud to help existing and new customers integrate plans that make sense for their infrastructure and operational expectations."

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A national provider of energy efficiency technology, energyware™ eliminates the guesswork of energy efficiency by bringing engineers, designers, best-in-breed manufacturing, and trained energy technology installers all under one umbrella.

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A national provider of Energy Efficiency technology.
EnergyWare eliminates the guess-work of Energy Efficiency by bringing engineers, designers, best in breed manufacturing and trained energy technology installers all under one umbrella.

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