CryoFX Website Re-launches! Going International!

CryoFX to bring you a new redesigned website with user friendly interface and ability to be viewable in 10 languages. Featuring 8 of our most popular Co2 Jet Products, CryoFX remains ahead of the game. New website, better service, more products! is currently in the process of redesigning their website. Completion date of June 28, 2012 is right around the corner. With this new revamped website, you can expect user friendly interface, ability to win free products, product knowledge and info easily accessible and viewable, new products, and as always, great customer service! Not to mention the biggest feature of the whole site, International capabilities. will feature 10 language selections selectable by the user upon arriving at the site. From here, you'll receive the best price and ease of use based on language and currency selections.

To start, we are featuring 8 of our biggest sellers, the Handheld Cryo unit (similar to the Co2 blast) , Cryo Co2 Jet, Co2 Swing Jet, Cryo LED Co2 Jet, DMX Co2 Jet, moving head Co2 Jet, Cryo Co2 Switchable Jet, Customizable Cryo Jets. Along with new products, we have added Cryo Systems, Co2 Systems, and boxed packages which essentially offer a complete setup. We will soon be offering a section for Co2 Gas Supplier locator, along with references for purchase of Co2 Tanks themselves. We will also be adding fog blasters, haze generators, kryo, and other special effects options shortly down the road. This new site will also host a blog, so visitors may comment on what they like and what don't like, along with the ability to enter a monthly drawing for a free Cryo co2 system and receive a FREE info sheet on what Co2 is and how it can make your ideas come to life! June 28, 2012 is launch date! Feedback is always welcome!


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