Crystalsol, Specialist in Flexible Photovoltaic Film, Welcomes Prof. H. W. Schock and T. Schiøtz to Its Advisory Board

crystalsol GmbH, a company which specialises in the development of flexible photovoltaic film, announced today that Prof. Hans Werner Schock and Tore Schiøtz will join its international Advisory Board.

The two renowned experts take up their advisory positions with immediate effect, making their extensive experience in the areas of technological innovations and strategic company development available to the company.

"Prof. Hans Werner Schock and Tore Schiøtz, two highly renowned photovoltaic experts, have agreed to join our Advisory Board. Their comprehensive expertise and vast international network will further boost the growth of our company", says Rumman Syed, CEO of crystalsol. "We are looking forward to cooperating and developing strategies jointly with them."

The two photovoltaic experts have set milestones in the technical and entrepreneurial development of various organisations in the past. Prof. Hans-Werner Schock is considered one of the world's foremost experts in the area of thin-film solar cells. In 2010 he was awarded the EU Commission's prestigious Becquerel Prize, one of the highest honours awarded in the global field of photovoltaic solar energy. He received the prize at the time in acknowledgement of his achievements in the area of solar energy technology and thin-film solar cells.

Tore Schiøtz, Managing Partner of Contango Capital, was Chairman of the Board of Renewable Energy Corporation for several years. The Norwegian company is renowned as a leading force in the global solar power industry and specialises in the manufacture of multicrystalline wafers, solar cells and solar modules. Until recently, the Norwegian-born investment specialist was also Vice President of energy producer Hafslund ASA, where he successfully brought his many years of experience to bear in the area of renewable energies, in particular photovoltaic solar energy.

About crystalsol GmbH
crystalsol, which is based in Vienna (Austria) and Tallinn (Estonia), develops innovative flexible photovoltaic films. Thanks to their specially developed technology, these films are particularly suitable for integration into building elements and offer considerable cost advantages compared with other currently available technologies. crystalsol's core innovation is a light-absorbing active layer made of crystalline semiconductor powder. It is around 40 micrometres in size and is embedded in a polymer film as a single layer. The composition of the powder is based on easily obtainable materials (copper, zinc, sulphur and selenium); expensive metals, like indium and tellurium, are not required. Moreover, the film can be produced in a cost-effective roll-to-roll process that ensures high throughput and low production costs.


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