Cure Brain Cancer Foundation Unveils Fellowship Awardees

Pioneering Innovations in the Fight Against Cancer

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation (CBCF) is pleased to announce the highly anticipated recipients of this year's prestigious Early Career Fellowships. This unrivaled funding opportunity is set to empower researchers, propelling them closer to breakthrough discoveries in the battle against brain cancer.

Designed to fuel cutting-edge research initiatives, CBCF research grants are championing advancements that hold the potential to revolutionize survival outcomes for individuals challenged by this formidable disease. From project grants to life-changing fellowships, this comprehensive program undertakes an unwavering commitment to addressing the urgent needs of the brain cancer community.

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is proud to announce that for the first time ever, it will be awarding two exceptional individuals with the Early Career Fellowship. Andrew Garvie of Monash University and Dr. Alexander Davenport of Walter and Eliza Hall Medical Institute are both deserving recipients of this honour. Together, the two Fellowships add up to $690,000 awarded in 2023. Supporting pioneering researchers in the field has been the top priority for the Foundation, which in the last 21 months has disbursed $1.4 million, by awarding three Early Career Fellowships and a Mid-Career Fellowship.

"Today, we celebrate exceptional minds and groundbreaking projects that have the power to change lives," remarked Lance Kawaguchi, Chief Executive Officer for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. "These grants stand as a testament to our unwavering dedication to funding groundbreaking research that makes tangible progress in the relentless pursuit of a cure for cancer."

With this year's grant fellowship awards, innovative research initiatives will receive the vital resources they need to forge ahead with their life-saving endeavors for a duration of three years. By providing crucial funding and support for this extended period, CBCF remains at the vanguard of the fight against cancer, driving tangible impact and instilling hope in the hearts of patients and their families.

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Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is an Australia-based non-profit organization that is working globally to rapidly improve disease survival through funding innovative brain cancer research. It is the largest dedicated funder of brain cancer research in Australia and has invested over $30 million into clinical trials and pre-clinical efforts across pediatric and adult brain cancers. The Foundation's mission is to unite the brain cancer community and rapidly increase patient survival and quality of life. For more information, visit

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